Cultural variety, new, new, endless, have no legacy and food

  Qilu Evening News · Qilu 点 记 真 人 人 年 文 文 文 文 节 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文The traditional drama represented by the full real scene, the performance of the Ou Kun, brings the audience to the dream of a dream. From the content of the broadcast, although each program invites the star guest, the focus of the content is still the promotion of the art of communication.

The first phase of the program is from the "Dangdou", "Three Kings" and other classic repertoires such as Li Gen, Wang Meng, Li Xiaoti, Cheng Haochen, etc. The singing chamber is presented in front of the audience.

  After let the audience have an intuitive understanding of Beijing Opera art, the next is the "mission model" link of the true people. This variety model is a business play. The host Wang Han is a president of the Summer and theater, and the singer Zhang Yanqi is a small class, theater. Members have people who have fun in Wu Sheng, Tsing Yi, Laodan, Kunqu, Text ugly.

These actors have to rejuvenate with the star guests, and the traditional drama is presented in a young man. The first drama of their adaptation is to combine the "Midsummer Summer Dream" of the "Linchuan Four Dreams", and the people of the soup and Shakespeare and the traditional Kunqu performance, which presents the beauty of Kunqu, and the tradition. The drama is analyzed and interpreted.

The show is very suitable for young people who don’t understand traditional art.

The original intention of the program is also hoping that younger viewers like, love the drama, let the traditional culture flowers in the hearts of the young generation.

  The first phase of the show star guest is Aunxiang and Li Feier, the play guest has Wang Yinghui, Zhang Jianguo, Gu Wenyue, Li Yufu and other drama.

The stars experience the traditional drama, and the famous plays have recall the story of the past, the memories and the older master, very much. Zhang Jianguo said: "Every link in theater is technology, and the cultural content is high.

Wang Ying said: "The bigger the number of years, the smaller the courage to play the play."

"The famous families will open their hearts, and they can see their love and respect for the opera. There are a lot of lenses to show the beauty of the Beijing opera, to the audience, introduce the culture and aesthetics of the drama.

The traditional drama represented by Kunqu, Peking Opera is relatively high. This program is also driven by the stars, and explores the traditional drama of the traditional drama through the blend of the stars. Generally speaking, the program has both cultural heritage, and the fashionable national wind presentation is a very rare cultural taste.

  Local Human Resources Guests have recently been removed, and local TV seems to find new keys for the program creation, igniting a fire of regional cultural programs. Many places have deeply excavated local historical humanities resources, constantly innovating program model, with unique local style to make programs "out".

  The "Qilu Cultural Conference" broadcast in Shandong Satellite TV has through the traditional painting art, food culture, philosophical ideology, idioms, architectural common sense and other aspects, and examine the understanding and understanding of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the observation of the players.

The guests in the program have "Xueba Village", a Ph.D., National Student V, Police, Student, etc., the context of all walks of life, the understanding and thinking of traditional culture, providing multi-dimensional, diversified Cultural Thinking. In the program, Yang Yu, Kang earthquake and other experts, professors also presented the traditional culture in depth to the audience. Triendal cultures truly integrate their life, occupation, life growth and intrinsic repair, let a general person to present their stories and traditional culture, and many media call this program model for the innovation of variety show.

  The regional cultural program is developing very rich as Beijing Satellite TV and Henan Satellite TV. Following the "New · Forbidden City" "I am waiting for you in the Summer Palace", "Meet Tiantan" and other programs, "China" "China" "The most beautiful center" also attracted many viewers, Beijing Satellite TV with Beijing region tradition Culturally settled the national tide show that cultivated cultural inheritance, boosting the "Beijing" culture and propagation. Henan Satellite TV’s "Yuanxi Wonderful Night" "Qingming Qiyou" "Dragon Boat Festival", "Chongyang Wonderful Tour", etc. forming a series of holiday culture, greatly spreading traditional culture. In addition, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s literary exploration variety show "There is also poetry and distant · poems", the first World Cultural Heritage exploration experience class "Wanli Walking Single Ride – China" is also traditional culture Interaction, unveiling, etc., make the show more energetic and more.

The video platform is launched "debut! Dunhuang "" debut! Luoyang "" Millennium Dance Millennium "is also a new variety with traditional culture and national style elements to attract young people. From some new programs, such as "home from the end of the Yangtze River" "There is a story everywhere in Chang’an", etc., it can also be seen that the variety show will become a trend. After several years of cultural programs, cultural themes have become more and more attention to content superimposing, and all kinds of traditional cultural elements are integrated with new models, new types of variety programs, and new types to meet market demand.

Pure cultural programs, innovative mixed cultural variety is an indispensable content of the screen, which is highlighted by cultural charm, and also promotes traditional culture.

De Municipate-commissie van Shangrao en de gemeentelijke overheid is verantwoordelijk voor kameraden

People’s Network Nanchang 12 december (Zhang Zhibin) Op 12 december dienen kameraden niet langer als secretaris van Shangrao Municipate Party Comité, Permanent Comité, en kameraad; kameraad Qiu Xiangjun is de kandidaat van de burgemeester van de gemeentelijke regering van Shangrao, nomineert de positie van de mensen De burgemeester van kameraad Chen Yun. De benoeming en ontslag van de burgemeester moeten worden afgehandeld volgens de relevante wetgeving.

Chen Yun Resume: Chen Yun, Man, Han Nationaliteit, lid van de Communistische Partij van China, geboren in december 1976, Nanchang, Jiangxi, University Degree.

Studie over computerwetenschap Onderwijs in de computerwetenschap in de Normale universiteit van Jiangxi; Jiangxi Fire Corps Stage (D), het niveau van de plaatsvervangend provincie van het Comité Gemeentelijke Partij; de assistent voor General Manager van Jiangxi International Trust Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager van Jiangxi Investment Group Co, Ltd Director van het bedrijf; het Permanent Comité van Yingtan Municipate Comité van de provincie Jiangxi, plaatsvervangend burgemeester (in dienst); plaatsvervangend burgemeester van Pingxiang Municipal Comité, provincie Jiangxi; Deputy Mayor Jiangxi Provincie Pingxiang Municipal Comité, Jiangxi Provinciale Comité Vice-secretaresse, burgemeesterskandidaat; secretaris, gemeentelijke overheid burgemeester, party secretaris; plaatsvervangend secretaris van het stadscomité van Shangrao van Jiangxi, burgemeester van de gemeentelijke overheid, party secretaresse. (Netwerkinformatie van mensen vanaf 2020) Qiu Xiangjun CV: Qiu Xiangjun, man, Han Nationaliteit, geboren in februari 1968, Jiangxi Niki, januari 1988, januari 2008, juli 1990 nam deel aan het werk, universitair diploma, afgestudeerde legologie PhD. – Jiangxi Normal University Political Education Professional Studies – Cadres van het General Office van de Jiangxi Provinciale Partijcommissie (hier: – Haka, de assistent van de minister van Regering van Changzhen, Jiangxi Province) – Deputy Director of the Meeting Office of the Jiangxi Directeur van provinciale partij van het General Office of the General Office of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Director – Jiangxi Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Office Provincial Department of Anyi County Committee, Demonstuary, Demonstuary, Director of the Anyi County Committee of Jiangxi Province, County Algemeen (Demonis: – Singapore Nanyang University of Science and Technology) – Director van het Anyi County Party Committee van Jiangxi Province De secretaris van het Yixian Committee – Director van de Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (hier: – Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Samenwerken met de Australische Universiteit van Zuid-Australi? om MBA-professionaliteit te cultiveren, een masterdiploma in Business Management – Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Party Work Committee Director van de Secretary and Management Committee-Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Party Crafts Committee Secretary (- Beginselen van Marxism, Jiangxi Normaal University Shangrao Municipal Comité, Permanent Comité, plaatsvervangend secretaresse (CV van de netwerkinformatie van mensen) (Editor: Rona, Shuai).

Bescherm de belangen van de belangen van de uitvoering van de best-fonds open limietmodus

  Aan het einde van het jaar heeft een batch fondsen de publicatie van Xieke vrijgegeven, de actieve groei van het restrictiefondsgrootte.

Dezelfde spoelgegevens laten zien dat 267 (A / C) sinds november zijn opgeslagen en het volgende. Onder hen is bijna de helft het actieve aandelenfonds. De meeste aankondigingen zeiden dat de suspensie van grote aankoop hoofdzakelijk gunstig is om het fondsaandeel te beschermen. Op 3 december is de 24 fondsen, waaronder de nationale investering van de zilverstrategie, waaronder de nationale investering van de zilveren gezondheidszorg, inclusief de zilveren zilveren gezondheidszorg. Yuan tot 200 miljard yuan is niet gelijk.

Volgens een Account van één fonds, een enkel fondsaccount, een enkel fondsaccount, een enkel fondsaccount, een enkel fondsaccount, een enkel fondsaccount, een enkel fondsaccount? Transfer, heeft regelmatig quotuminvesteringen niet meer dan 500.000 yuan.

Vanaf 3 december heeft het Fonds binnen het jaar geprofiteerd. In de afgelopen maand is een groot aantal fondsen uitgegeven om een ??grote aankondiging van de Limit-aankoop te hebben uitgegeven.

Shi Fushun-gegevens tonen aan dat er 1 tot 5 december, er zijn 267 (A / C-klasse afzonderlijke berekening, de volgende) fondsaankondiging, inclusief een groot aantal abonnementen, inclusief gewone aandelen en gemengde fondsen die het type fonds dicht bij de helft is .

Bovendien hebben de meeste fondsen de datum van restauratie van abonnementen niet aangekondigd. Van een klein deel van het fonds is het aantal dagen om een ??groot aantal dagen op te schorten, dat is, dat is, opnieuw herstel bedrag begin 2022.

  Onder de actieve aandelenfondsen van Xieke in de afgelopen een maand zijn er veel producten die een aantal star-fondsbeheerders hebben.

Op 2 december beheerd Zhao Wei het werk- en zilver-eigendom Coke Leading-Edge Medical Release Aankondiging, en het beperkte aankoopbedrag was 500.000 yuan.

Op 1 december heeft China en het Europees Fonds veel openbare aankondiging aangekondigd om de soepele werking van het Fonds te waarborgen, het voordeel van de houder van het fonds, grotere aankoop op te schorten.

Onder hen zullen de Chinese en Europese trend van het oude worden beheerd door de oude wil, de centrale Europese waarde-inlichtingenoptie van Yuan Wide wordt beperkt door grote abonnementen op 1 december en het beperkte aankoopbedrag is 1 miljoen yuan. Op 30 november heeft het Franse fonds de aankondiging uitgebracht, om de stabiliteit van het fonds te waarborgen, het belang van de fondshouder, het rijke onderzoek de voorkeur heeft om een ??diepe flexibele configuratie van Shanghai Hong Kong te hebben, wat beperkt is tot de Groot aantal abonnement, het beperkte aankoopbedrag is 1 miljoen yuan. Tegelijkertijd hebben sommige fondsen die in sommige dit jaar prominent aanwezig zijn, al een aankoopmodel geopend. Bijvoorbeeld, de Qianhai Open Source of Cui Wei Long’s Nieuwe Economische A en Qianhai Open Source Utility-aandelen zijn momenteel in staat om grotere aankoop op te schorten.

Vanaf 3 december waren het rendement van deze twee fondsen% en% respectievelijk, en ze werden verdubbeld. In het jaar is de uitvoering van de Baoying-voordelen-industrie A, Golden Eagle, die in de voorhoede van het Active Equity Fund, ook is opgeschort. Van een beperkende reden, de meeste fondsen die in de aankondiging zijn uitgedrukt om de soepele werking van het Fonds te waarborgen, het belang van de aandelenhouders van het fonds.

Insiders in de industrie wezen erop dat de beperkingen van het jaar-end fonds vaak rekening houden met de grootte van de actieve verordeningfondsen, via de beperkte aankoop van de fondsschaal naar het meer geschikte bereik, met name enkele van de fondsen die uitstekend zijn in de uitvoering, waardoor een grote hoeveelheid instroom wordt vermeden In de korte tijd in korte tijd, verdunde rendement is het mogelijk om de belangen van beleggers tot op zekere hoogte te beschermen.

Complete "ten tasks" to help high quality development

This newspaper on October 26th, the 12th Congress of Huaxi District of the Communist Party of China successfully completed the victory of the agenda. The meeting vote adopted a resolution of the 12th Congress of Huaxi District, Guiyang, China, on the resolution of the 11th Committee of Huaxi District, Guiyang City, China, and "China Communist Party Guiyang Huaxi District Chaosi District Regarding the resolution of the 11th discipline inspection committee of Huaxi District, Zhigang District, Huaxi District, which clarifies the new improvement in the economic development of Huaxi District in the next five years, and the new improvement of ecological environment is realized, and the cultural tourism quality is new. Reform and opening up levels realize new improvement, and the improvement of people’s livelihood and the improvement of new improvement, social governance efficiency achieved new improvement six "new improvements" goals. In the next five years, Huaxi District will take the courage to attack the hard, the unfair tennis, and the solid style, and coordinate the overall layout of "five integration", coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, and persist in steady The total tone, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, stronger the global, keep the development and ecological two bottom lines, adhere to "high-end, green Chemical, intensive ", focus on" four new "main attack" four-way "to implement the" strong capital "action as the main line, in-depth implementation of industrial strong district, innovation, ecological zone, and Wen travel area" four strategies " , Vigorously promote the "ten tasks": – Promote the "main engine" of high quality and high quality development.

Using electronic information manufacturing and high-end equipment as the leading industry, introducing specialty new enterprises and quality enterprises, build hundreds of billion electronic information manufacturing and high-end equipment manufacturing aggregation areas; with special food, forming a special industry, promoting new industrialization In combination with new urbanization, agricultural modernization, tourism industrialization; in-depth promotion of large data and physical economic integration, build a group of intelligent manufacturing projects and "two chemical" converger companies; in-depth promotion "Thousand Enterprise Reconstruction" projects, create a batch There are driven, influential companies.

– Promoting the "hard support" of high quality development in the promotion of urbanization.

Vigorously promote the new urbanization of people, improve the urban energy level, and the resident population exceeded 1.8 million, the urbanization rate reached 85%; promote the South Extension of Migoba Road, Toyo Avenue, Rail Transit 3, S1 Construction, build "eight horizontal eleven" urban backbone road network; accelerate the completion of the Qingxi Road-Guanlu Road, Jiaxi South Road – Huatong North Road and other node transformation; accelerate the construction of Jiaxi South Road, Ma Lingshui , The water supply project such as the stone water plant, the urban water supply penetration rate reaches%; implementing smart Huaxi transfer backbone network project, achieving full coverage of the rural key area 5G network; accelerate Meng Guanqiu City, the transformation and upgrading of the company. – Promoting the development of agriculture and steady "basic disc" in high quality development. In-depth implementation of rural resolution strategy, and fully promote the modernization of agricultural rural; strengthen the investigation of poor hidden dangers, continue to improve the five systems of the benefits of easy-to-rank, do a good job of food production, vigorously develop vegetables, fruits, tea and forest economy; deepen technology Helping farm schools to cooperate, develop high-quality seedlings, build high-quality seedling bases in the province; vigorously develop the profound processing of agricultural products, agricultural product conversion rate reached more than 75%; implement "brand strong farmers" plan, create a "flower" brand public brand More than 10, do more than 30 provincial demonstration family farms and farmers ‘professional cooperatives and farmers’ professional cooperatives.

– Promoting the high quality of tourism and answers the "plus the title" of high quality development.

In-depth implementation of "Wen Travel Availability" strategy, close to the province to create a "double-first-class" destination goal, and fully build Huaxi International Mountain Sports Leisure Resort; increase investment, and live inefficient idle projects, linkage in the ancient town, promote Huaxi District "Daqingyan" scenic spot is listed; perfect holiday supporting facilities, enrich resort tourism products, create Tianhe Tan National Tourism Resort; Series Wetland Park – Huaxi Park – Huaxi Pingqiao, build a national-level tourist leisure block; Slope Top Dark Night Twilight Park, Hongyan Canyon and other scenic spots, build a batch of red tourism cards. – "Soft Power" in high quality development is enhanced in the culturality of soul coagulation. Deepen the "green ribbon" volunteer service, carry out the "our holiday" series theme activities, vigorously promote the traditional virtues of China; in-depth promotion "civilization in action, satisfied in Huaxi" activities, let the civilization new wind more infiltrated; continuous brown culture , Traditional culture, national culture, ecological culture, creative culture "five" cultural business cards, cultivate Huaxi urban cultural brands. Significant advantage of thick ecology, as "special students" in high quality development. In-depth implementation of the ecological regional strategy, vigorously develop resource-saving, environment-friendly industries, create a group of ecological civilized towns and villages; promote the promotion of lake in Lake Tima, promote the comprehensive rectification of Huaxi River, carefully protect Huaxi Reservoir, "Water Cylinder" such as Aha Water Library, the air quality excellent rate is maintained above 95%, the water quality of centralized drinking water water is 100%, the urban domestic sewage treatment rate is more than 98%, industrial solid waste disposal utilization, danger The safety disposal rate of waste is 100%. Deepen the "Dynamic Source" of Reform and Open Innovation and Upgrading High Quality Development.

Based on "industrial research" linkage, promote the construction of scientific and technological innovation bases, add more than 5 innovative incubators, more than 50 incubation enterprises; implement college students’ entrepreneurial employment action plan, promote talents and project docking, interaction with the industry Continue to deepen the "most running" reform, focus on "minus link, reduce materials, reduce time limit, cost", improve government affairs efficiency; continue to optimize the business environment, deepen the "noble service" concept, and provide the whole cycle for enterprise development , All chain services, build a relationship between pro-Qingyuan. – Thousands of people have improved the people’s livelihood and build a "laying stone" of high quality development.

High standard planning implements the construction of "one circle of two three reforms" construction, high quality to create a 15-minute living circle, focus on the parking lot, the broad-on-year development of the farmer’s market, high efficiency promotes the transformation of shantytures, old communities, back street streets, Improve the people’s lives of people; increase the stability of stability, promote vocational skills improvement; new construction, change a group of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, new degrees, comprehensive implementation of basic medical insurance, major illness insurance and medical assistance "triple medical protection ", Implement" housing project "; improve the hierarchical classification social assistance system, constantly improve the level of pragmatic, and the level of social security.

Treatment of "Stabilizers" for Growth of Higher Quality Development.

Promote the construction of the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law society, "Xue Liang Project" to create a good law and order; normalization launches the fight against evil struggles, anti-drug people’s war District rural three-level linkage responsibility mechanism, weaving the woven "one center one network ten joint house", do the grassroots grid, let the masses get feelings, happiness, safe sense, more secure, more secure.

Coordinate the "Protective" of the development and safety and high quality development.

Strictly implement national security responsibility system and ideological work responsibility system, resolutely eliminate risk hazards affecting political security.

It is depressed in the depth into the national unity and progress, improve the public health emergency management system, improve the emergency management and rescue system, and fully protect the lives and property of the people. The goal is established, the mission will be.

Huaxi District will take out the strength of the people, "rolling stone Shangshan" is hard, and the toughness of the success is struggling to walk in the new journey in the "Strong Provincial Association", and create an excellent answer to the party and people.

(Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Zhan Yan).

Create an important growth and new power source that drives high quality development in the country

  On October 20th, the "Shuangcheng Economic Circle Construction Plan for Chengdu" is openly released. This is the programming document for the construction of double-city economic circle in Chengdu, and in the future. It is an important basis for formulating relevant planning and policies. . The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the development of Chengyu.

In January 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the sixth meeting of the Central University of Finance and Economic Committee, emphasizing the construction of double-city economic circle in Chengdu, forming high quality development in the west.

In October 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the Conference of the Central Political Bureau. The meeting considered the "Outline of the Double City Economic Circle Construction Plan", which emphasized the comprehensive implementation of party central decision-making deployment, highlighting Chongqing, Chengdu two central cities. Drive, focus on reflecting regional advantages and features, making Chengyu are an important economic center with national influence, the scientific and technological innovation center, reform and opening up new highlands, high-quality life is livable, to create an important growth of high quality development New power source.

The "Planning Outline" was officially released, marking the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengyu, accelerating a new journey that promoted high quality development.

  The Shuangcheng Economic Restaurant in Chengdu is located in the intersection of "a belt all the way" and the Yangtze River economy. It is the starting point of the Western Luhai New Terminal. It has the unique advantage of connecting the southwest of northwest and communicating East Asia and Southeast Asia, South Asia. Ecological endowment in the region, rich energy minerals, urban densely, and storm, is the most intensive in my country’s western population, the most stronger industry, the most innovative capacity, the highest market space, the highest open level, has the highest level of openness Unique and important strategic status.

In the context of the domestic and international environment of my country, the domestic international environment continued to have a deep complex change, promoting the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu, in line with the objective requirements of my country’s economic high-quality development, and the promotion of regional coordinated development, forming advantages complementary, high Major strategic support for regional economic layouts, which is also constructing a major initiative to promote new development patterns in China, domestic and international dual cycles, which is conducive to forming high quality growth in the west, enhancing population and Economic carrying capacity; helps to create new bases in the inland open strategic highlands and participate in international competition, promote the linkage of land and other external openings, all-in-one and two-way biases; conducive to the absorption of ecological function zone population to urban clusters To form a new pattern of focus on the development of advantageous areas, the new pattern of key protection of ecological functional districts, protect the ecological environment in the upstream of the Yangtze River and the western region, enhance spatial governance and protection.

  Sing a "Double City", build the economic circle, and the high-level model of regional collaboration, "Planning Outline" clarifies the strategic positioning of Shuangcheng Economic Circles in Chengdu-Chongqing, established the development goals in 2025 and to 2035 The vision goal has proposed a new pattern of building a double-city economic circle to develop modern infrastructure networks, and cooperate with modern industrial systems, and build a number of key tasks such as national influence. Implementing the spirit of the General Secretary of the Popular Secretary and the Party Central Decision Deployment, to firmly establish a vast game and integrated development concept, adhere to the "dual-core leading, regional linkage" "reform and opening up, innovation" "ecological priority, green development" sharing , Improve the principle of "coordinating cooperation, cooperation and cooperation, and accelerate the development of reform and opening up, accelerate the new advantages of innovation and development, accelerate the new situation of cooperation interactive interactive in coastal areas, and speed up the expansion of the new space of international cooperation, and do unity Planning, integrating deployment, mutual collaboration, common implementation, promoting the formation of strength and distinctive in the Chengyu area.

  Promote the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu, significant, broad prospects.

With a high degree of political responsibility and historical mission, we will implement the "planning Outline" deployment, pioneering and enterprising, struggling, and strongly effectively promoting the target task of the construction of the two-city economic circle in Chengyu, it will be able to Let Chengyu region play a support role in promoting the development of the new era. (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see.

Core Value Baiyi Forum No. 60

Deng Chirong China Social Sciences Party Secretary, Dean, President, Researcher, Ph.D., Dr. Migrators, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Social Sciences. He has served as deputy head of the theoretical group of the Party Construction Institute of China, and the central government of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the central government of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the deputy director of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Director of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, CCP Deputy Secretary of the Guilin Municipal Committee of Guangxi, deputy secretary, executive deputy director of the Standing Committee of Guilin City, Guangxi, Guangxi Press and Publication Bureau, Secretary of the Copyright Bureau, Director of the Copyright Bureau.

  Since 2012, while doing a good job in leadership of the Marxist Research Institute, he has undertaken a number of national topics, published a lot of articles.

Among them, it is responsible for the issuance of the National Major Intersection Committee and the Special Major Intersection of the Entrustment Project. Hosting the Research Work of the Project; Two items of the Entrustment Project of the Central Mass Project; Hosting Two National Social Science Funds.

Every year in the People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, the magazine has published multiple theoretical articles.

Host Marxism and China Nationalized Chemical Series, the Markic Institute, and there are more than 10 domestic forums, 3 international forums. The new idea of ??"China Characteristics Socialism Theory" New Ideological View "Studies"

China Jenteng deep plow big data innovation model continues to improve platform mechanism

With the booming of Internet finance, the proportion of Internet financial business is getting bigger and bigger. As the complement of traditional finance, the birth of the traditional finance, solves many problems, and makes up for many of the fields that have not covered by traditional finance, and the Internet finance has been in promoting employment, promoting praise finance, promoting financial democracy, etc. . Based on the exploration of intelligent innovation and traditional entities, after years of steady-ranking operations and expansion, China Junteng already has a wide range of international sales networks, professional management operation teams and advanced business management models.

Our deep tillage research and innovation, combined with big data and artificial intelligence model, based on strength, providing powerful technical support for project applications, gaining multi-party recognition and patents, was identified as a new leader in the financial industry, Hainan has a prestigious enterprise.

At present, the company project has fully covered the Internet promotion platform, advertising is radiated to any of the country, and the field of project development is in the country.

In addition, China Juantun also elaborated from the perspective of cultural perspectives. The social responsibility construction of corporate social responsibility must be attached to the culture, improve public welfare and service capabilities, and Internet financial enterprises should carry forward the interconnection, integration, and compliance. Self-discipline, practicing responsible enterprise cooperation, honest and trustworthy, professional rigorous, compliance, publicly transparent, actively spreading Popular financial knowledge, actively promoting public welfare charity, and promoting the health and orderly development of the entire Internet finance industry.

In the process of corporate operation and project investment, we attach importance to risk control, with investor fund safety as the highest principle, providing investors with security, assault, intimate, and satisfied service, in the process of realizing asset preservation for investors Realize the Shenzhen, look at the world, and build a leading brand in China’s Internet finance financial platform industry. Strategic development goals.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Champions "fire", Chengdu took the lead

  On November 22nd, the first round of the Meizhou Division in the fourth stage of this season ended. Finally, Wuhan Third Town and Chengdu Rongcheng kicked a Mars splashing competition. In the event of Wuhan, in the case of a goal, with Rosen Wen and Marcang’s goal, the reversal defeated Chengdu, keeping itself in points The second position in the list.

In advance, the Zhejiang team in Kunshan FC was defeated, and there were still three points in Wuhan, and the Chengdu, which lost the ball, Zhejiang 6 points in Zhejiang. After the war of the top three stages, the fourth stage is crucial in every game for the four teams that are expected to be superior.

In particular, the direct dialogue between the top four teams has a strategic meaning of 6 points, which also makes Wuhan and Chengdu competition have become the battle of the focus of this round. Compared with the posture of the strong team with other teams, the Chengdu team entered the competition faster. The first half of the Chengdu team used its midfielder’s advantages, frequently blocking the attack organization of Wuhan team, and using Feli and Liu Ruoyan vanadium to initiate counterattack. The Wuhan team seems to be insufficient, and the opponent’s straight punch is a 1 goal.

At the end of the first half, Chengdu temporarily leads to Wuhan.

  After the war again, Wuhan, unwilling to make adjustments immediately, replacing the sang-of-the-counter, and become 442 to strengthen the number of midfielders. This change has gone in the second half of 30 seconds, and the Rosenwen banquet is equal to the score.

  At this time, no one thought that decided to finally win, actually the door of Chengdu team Zhang Yan.

In the face of Wuhan team Sang Yi non-30 meters, Zhang Yan actually hit the ball directly to Wuhan foreign aid Markone, the laughing of the big gift will be higher than. In this game, Zhang Yanzheng is a gantry who has emerged before the major mistakes, and I didn’t expect that his mistakes had to swallow the suffering of the game. And the loss of this game also allows the Chengdu team to take the lead in the team in the first two.

  In this round, the Zhejiang team and Kunshan competition have been conducted ahead of time. After competing over the opponent 2 to 1, the Zhejiang team can sit with relaxed mentality. Although the last result did not allow the Zhejiang team to rise in the standings, the team is still full of confidence in the next game.

  Compared with the two teams in Chengdu, Wuhan, the largest advantage in the fourth stage is the schedule.

First play the team of Kunshan, Guizhou, no desire, and then fight with Chengdu, Wuhan competitors, such an arrangement for the maintenance of the team’s state and the tactical playing method more favorable than other teams.

  More importantly, the "slow heat" situation that has always existed, has changed in the game with Kunshan. In the case of advanced opponents, the team eventually wins 2 to 1 reversed, and the first two phases faced a distinct contrast.

In addition to the large number of targeted training in the previous time, it has experienced three phases in the Meizhou Division, and it has also played a role. There are still 7 rounds of competition. At present, the Zhejiang team is 6 points and 3 points from the top two of Meizhou and Wuhan. Direct dialogue achieved an ideal result, you can take advantage of the prior to the prior to the prior to the league (directly eligible) competition. Although there are still many variables in the Super League next year, and even don’t rule out that the top four of this year can be superchard, but for the Zhejiang team, it is not relying on such an accident factor "lying", but use itself. Strengthening the ultra-ultimate goal is the ultimate goal.

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Beijing held the second retired military entrepreneurial innovation competition

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 17 (Huang Jianfeng, Zhou Jiawang) Recently, the 2nd Beijing Retired Military Innovation Competition finalized by the Beijing Municipal Deportary Military Affairs Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, hosted "online road" The cloud match is successful.

This competition is the theme of "establishing a new business in the style of entrepreneur, the exhibition military style", setting "emerging industry", "traditional industry and life service industry" and "innovative team" three groups, attract 107 from all districts A retired military entrepreneurial innovation enterprise or team signing up.

After fierce competition, expert review and on-site justice, final micrigeration and expansion real software products and service projects, Internet + mode care care service platform projects, single soldier protective equipment projects have won three groups of 3 groups of competitions.

At the same time, there are six second prizes, 9 third prizes.

It is reported that there are more than 4,300 retired soldiers in the city to successfully establish enterprises, achieving approximately 8.3 billion yuan, of which more than 10 million registered capitals reach more than 1400, aerospace, new generation information technology, biomedicine and other high-impact fields The proportion is more than 36%.

The retired military entrepreneurial innovation competition is conducive to establishing and strengthening the "retired military personnel" within the whole society, and creates a good atmosphere for the employment of retired military employment.

COMREDE XI JINPING "Insilleerden om de bouw van menselijke lote community" publiceren te bevorderen

Het wordt aanbevolen om de bouw van 5G-stationconstructie en commercieel tempo te lezen en de integratie-infrastructuurconstructie te verbeteren die wordt weergegeven door het datacenter, het intelligente computercentrum en legt een vaste fysieke basis voor de digitale en intelligente upgrades van traditionele industrie?n. 2021-11-1609: 34 In het "14e vijfjarenplan" moeten we een diep begrip hebben van het versterken van intellectuele eigendombescherming bij het bevorderen van het moderne economische systeem van de bouw, het stimuleren van innovatie, ondersteuning innovatieve nationale constructie en socialistische moderne nationale constructie. Het belang van de betekenis.

2021-11-0509: 32 Vanwege de ontwikkeling van het marxisme is het diep geworteld in de mensen. Voor de mensen, afhankelijk van de mensen, is het de theorie van de mensen, en de identiteit van het volk kan alleen zijn getransformeerd en China heeft de wereld veranderd. Menselijke geschiedenis en leg levendig het theoretische karakter van "Line" uit.

2021-10-2815: 56 Implementatie van een innovatieve rij-ontwikkelingsstrategie, het accelereren van een innovatief land, is een economisch systeem van hoge kwaliteit, een modern economy-systeem. "Innovation Drive" dieper belangrijke vraag is "Drive Innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In het proces van het verplaatsen naar de tweedehonderd jaar strijd, is gemeenschappelijke rijkdom een ??belangrijke strategische doelstelling geworden voor de economische ontwikkeling van mijn land, en ecologische rijke mensen kunnen ook een enorme functie en een rol spelen.

Van 2021-10-2109: 34 Vanuit het perspectief van de bouwervaring is de kruising van slimme stedelijke constructie betrokken bij de regering om deel te nemen aan de samenleving, en het multi-hoofdlichaam, gediversifieerde modeltransformatie van gezamenlijke bouwoperaties " Leidraad + Markt Lood + Public Participatie "Het waarde-model is de moeite waard om te verwijzen. 2021-10-1909: 26 Toekomst in de centrale stad en de omliggende stedelijke cirkels, zal de bevolking blijven groeien. En in de omtrek van de centrale stad zal de bevolking verschijnen. Om aan de trend van re-lay-out te voldoen, zijn deze populatie, het stedelijke en landelijke en regionale ontwikkelingsbeleid vereist om differentiatie uit te voeren.

2021-10-1514: 04 Digitale beschavingconstructie is een systematisch project, dat meerdere-niveau-inhoud van economische, politieke, culturele, mentale, omgeving, en continue optimalisatie van sociale relaties van sociale digitale, een ordentelijke, effici?nte ontwikkeling van alle aspecten zal zijn. Maak handige omstandigheden. 2021-10-1310: 00 Nationale dag, Meng Liangzhou wordt geretourneerd. Na het ervaren van stormen, bedankte ze de bevolking van het moederland. Ze kreeg diep een sterk moederland. Toen ze het vliegtuig liep, zei ze dat mensen een goede zin hadden: "Er is een rode vlag van vijf sterren is een trouwe vuurtoren. " 2021-10-0909: 24 China gebruikt 9% van gecultiveerd land in de wereld, goed voor bijna 20% van de wereld, en neemt actief deel aan de wereldwijde eliminatie van honger- en voedselhandel, lost niet alleen het voedselprobleem van meer dan niet op 1,4 miljard mensen, maar ook voor de World Food Security maakte een prominente bijdrage.

2021-10-0409: 07 Bevordering van de constructie van het Yellow River National Cultural Park is een strategische startpersoon, taak, systematisch en sterk systeem, en moet goed worden gepland en moeten goed worden gepland.

2021-10-0209: 07 Bekijk het historische proces van hervorming en het openen gedurende meer dan 40 jaar, de Chinese communistische partij heeft altijd in staat geweest om de crisis te draaien als de overdracht en de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit te bevorderen en rijk en waardevol zijn geaccumuleerd Historische ervaring in dit praktijkproces. 2021-09-2614: 57 De American Democratische "transformatie" van de Verenigde Staten voor 20 jaar Afghanistan is slechts een farce van de Amerikaanse zelfgestuurde, "Kabul Time" opnieuw gaf de VS "Universal Value" Pseudo-masker opnieuw op. 2021-09-1509: 18 "Actief uitvoeren, doen niet Wensen", bevorderen de gemeenschappelijke welvaart van meer dan 14 miljard mensen, "China’s regels" -praktijken is het krachtige vertrouwen en de kracht van de wereldvrede en de ontwikkeling, volledig weerspiegelt een Verantwoordelijkheid en verantwoordelijkheid van het grote land zou moeten zijn. 2021-08-3110: 05 China is momenteel overtuigd van de belangrijkste knooppunten van de tweede moderne transformatie in het eerste moderniseringsproces, het is noodzakelijk om te leren van de geavanceerde ervaring van de eerste moderne overgang van ontwikkelde landen en de eerste keer voor de eerste keer. NIEUW Situatie van de tweede moderne transformatie.

2021-08-1614: 42 Governance Corruptie, hechten aan het Partij- en Nationaal Supervisiesysteem, moeten zich houden aan accurate metei, door continu verdieping van hervorming en zuivering politieke ecologie, de macro-politieke kosten van corruptie herstellen, en de "toxines" ge?nduceerde corruptie . 2021-08-1014: 58 In de huidige situatie van de economische financiering van China moet het juridische toezichtsysteem en de industrie-begeleidingsmechanisme van zelfmedia zo snel mogelijk worden verbeterd en het verwachte beheer strekt zich actief uit tot het mediaplatform om het effectief te handhaven markt. Sex en stabiliteit.

2021-07-3116: 13 Volledig implementeren van de diepte, breedte, breedte en moeilijkheid van plattelandsrevitalisatiestrategie, is ondraaglijk en de kruising van de landelijke revitalisering, "Drie landelijk" werk moet het volledige probleem opgelost worden.

2021-07-3009: 45 Of het nu gaat om een ??centrale regio of grote strategie?n in belangrijke regio’s, het is niet mogelijk om stevig zelfzitje te zijn, en moet zich verder houden aan het concept "integratie" op basis van "knuffelen" en zich uitstrekt de interne voordelige industrie en elementen. Aan andere regio’s, voortdurend de samenwerking tussen verschillende stedelijke groepen versterken. 2021-07-2711: 05 Wetenschaps- en technologie-innovatie is de systeemtechniek. Mensen zijn de belangrijkste variabelen. Zolang mensen een goede rol spelen, zullen we de puls van innovatie begrijpen en hebben we ons land beter en een snellere ontwikkeling gepromoveerd . Maximale stroombron. .