“extraordinary,Are you stupid?Still looking for a woman!Come back to Hong Kong Island with me!Do you want to be a farmer for a lifetime here?”Erye displeased。

Wu Feifan doesn’t say much,Bury your head in driving,In a while,The truck reached its destination。
This is an ordinary farmhouse,Black tile earth wall,The yard was filled with all kinds of shabby furniture,The smell of rice wafted from the kitchen。
Wu Feifan greeted Erye and the three of them got out of the car,Please come in。
There is a big wooden table in the room,There are a few freshly fried dishes on the table,Present,Two bottles of bulk liquor are also on the table。
Erye, they don’t plan to be polite,Start eating and drinking as soon as you sit at the table。
After all, the food in the detention center is really bad,Wine and meat,How can the three of them be restrained?。
A few glasses of spirits,The state of everyone is relaxed a lot。
At this moment,A chubby little boy carrying a plate of fried peanuts,Timidly put it toward the table,Just run,Made everyone laugh。
“Brother extraordinary,It’s only been a few months,Why are you so old??”Arvin deliberately
Wu Feifan opened his mouth and smiled,Greet brothers to continue drinking and eating。
After a while,The child’s mother is carrying a large plate of spicy chicken that has just been baked,Slightly shyly stood at the table。
Wu Feifan’s brothers all looked at the woman in unison,Look at her uncomfortable,Head down,Hurried into the kitchen again。
“Brother extraordinary,I finally know why you are willing to stay here。It turns out that the hero is sad for the beauty pass!”Aqiang laughed,The tone was full of envy。
That year’s double flower red stick extraordinary brother,Actually willing to nest in such a small country place,So I found Wenrou Township,No wonder he has been reluctant to return to Hong Kong Island。
“eat more!”Wu Feifan is dull and silent,Just to persuade brothers to eat more vegetables。
The second master is calm,Wait till you are almost full,Only then gently put down the tableware in my hand,Speak slowly:“extraordinary,Are you living comfortably now!”
Wu Feifan’s shoulders trembled slightly,Low channel:“Thanks to the second master,Can mix and eat。”