of course,This standard is not absolute,There are only three heads in the old devil’s own body,And in its memory,The big boss of the battle of the devil also only has three heads,But he is the number one magical power in the demon world。

But Zhang Zhiqiang’s extraordinaryness is obvious,Six heads not only represent the speed of cultivation,Supernatural combat skills emerge endlessly,And the life-saving methods are extraordinary,One head for one life,Take advantage in future battles of the same realm。Develop accordingly,After Zhang Zhiqiang’s first level of magic is completed, he has achieved a small success,Even in the demon world can run rampant,Endless potential。
Zhang Zhiqiang suddenly got up,An somersault jumped onto a huge rock,Although I broke an arm,But the whole person’s mental state and momentum are much stronger than before。
“he came。”Zhang Zhiqiang looked up at the sky,Seems to be sniffing something。
“Not bad!How are you?”The old demon also sensed that Li Tianzhi who was always chasing behind him,After the previous battle,It also understands,This person should be the clone who captured it,It’s just that the situation was very critical,It has no time to take care of,I will take back the clone this time。
“Divide fast!”Zhang Zhiqiang,Turned around and jumped from the huge rock to another higher huge rock,Doesn’t seem to be ready to hit the head,I didn’t mean to ambush a sneak attack。
The old devil snorted in his heart,It is still very afraid of Li Tianzhi’s blasting sword,The brilliance that destroys everything will never be forgotten by the old demon,But it didn’t interrupt,Because it understands that Zhang Zhiqiang wants to kill opponents cleanly and frontally,Under the skyrocketing strength,Confidence is bound to burst,In the demon world where the strong respect,This mentality couldn’t be more normal,Nothing wrong。
In fact, the old demon has already raised his jealous and fearful heart towards Zhang Zhiqiang,The worst plan is when Zhang Zhiqiang’s body is destroyed by the Thunder Blade,It will wait for the opportunity to cast spells to stun its blood to escape,Alpine jungle,It’s night again,The odds of escape should be more than 60%。
Besides, there are meeting gifts all the way to that boy。
Li Tianzhen runs incredibly fast,I bypassed a dangerous peak in the blink of an eye,He finds that running comfortably can excite himself,It can also resonate with the ball of light in the pubic field,Not only does not consume much energy,It also contributes to the growth of vitality,It’s not much worse than meditation,If the spirit can support,He likes to keep running like this。
No major abnormalities on the way,But was attacked by two beasts,A clouded leopard in the mountains,Jump out of the bushes on the trail,Fast action、Very suddenly,Li Tianzhen rolled on the spot while avoiding the attack,The wooden spear in his hand pierced like lightning,Pierced directly through Yun Leopard’s abdomen,After this thing fell to the ground, it didn’t struggle much and didn’t move.。
Later, I met a mountain wolf,The skinny appearance did not pose much threat to Li Tianzhi,But Li Tianzhen suddenly stopped,Staring at the corpse of the mountain wolf for a long time without speaking。
“‘Big earthworm’what have you found?”Li Tianzhen suddenly faced someone who was shining in his pocket‘Big earthworm’Ask。
“Little Fairy Wisdom,This thing and the leopard just now were dead before they attacked,Uh……In other words, the souls of these two little beasts were taken away long ago。”
“Now that I know,Why don’t you remind me?!”