As of this generation‘Protoss Palace Lord’,His vision is still very broad。Ask Luo Feng,After comparing the inheritance of the Duandong River,Li Ming almost judged,The complete inheritance of the Star Spirit Palace is equivalent to the inheritance of the Duandong River.,Only similar‘Space for practice’Class hardware lost。

This inheritance,When placed on the continent of origin, they belong to the first sequence of inheritance.。
Although I can’t say that I can’t look down on Six Holy Peaks‘Sacred Heart’,But in Li Ming’s eyes,Even if you get the top inheritance of this sect,Also helpful,It’s not the kind of chance that you have to fight for。
But I think that the other party possesses the secret technique of burning divine power,Indigo scale swallowed,I think the other party’s backing may not be normal。
“Vagrant brother,Are you not interested in joining the Heart Saint Sect?!”
“of course not,But brother Indigo,You have to make things clear too,what is the problem?”
quickly,With the explanation of indigo scales,Li Ming probably understands。
Sacred Heart,Legends are ancient forces that existed when the entire universe was opened up,Not just the entire forest of fools,Surrounded by more than a million square meters and the same level as the forest of fools,Even more powerful territory,Belong to this ancient power。
Sacred Heart,Extremely powerful,Above the true god‘Void God’,In that Heart Saint Sect, it can only be regarded as an ordinary upper level,There are even legends‘One thought of the universe’Eternal existence。
all in all,Is the highest sect in this universe。
In Li Ming’s words,Its status is similar to that of the virtual universe company in the human race.。
Since the status is high,The Holy Heart Sect is very strict in recruiting disciples。
The Sage of the Heart only recruits the masters of the laws or the best geniuses of the true god level on this endless land.。
This time,The Sacred Heart in Ayutthaya‘Wakagi Castle’Recruit ten disciples,This is definitely a great opportunity。
Join the trial of the Sage of the Heart。