“this is,Artifact for soul defense?”Cecilia surprised:“Ok,Doesn’t feel as good as the one above,But there is no gap,This should be precious?!”

“Ok,This is my reward for breaking through the 16th floor of the cemetery of the gods,But it’s right for you,I don’t need it anyway。”correct,Why don’t you take it back and refine it?。
Wright is not hypocritical,Directly accepted,These artifacts cannot be left unused。
Two people flying all the way,Extremely fast。
Soon,The two returned to the area of the Puang Empire。
However, the closer to the imperial capital,The faces of the two became more and more gloomy。The Puang Empire was more prosperous than 20 years ago。But now they look down from the sky,But it looks like a bad name。A large number of people carrying packages on the road,Pale yellow,There are even a large number of dead bodies lying down on the road。
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,I have a worried look in my eyes。
Wright is full of consciousness,With his soul power stronger than the upper gods,Under the weak bondage of the material plane,You can easily scan a range of thousands of miles。
moment,Wright was shocked,Not just in the one he can see,Even within the scope of his spiritual consciousness,About one-fifth of the area of the entire Magnolia continent,Wherever humans live,There are large numbers of refugees。
This is nothing but,The Poon Empire on the west side of the Warcraft Mountains,Fleeing from north to south,The refugees from the Magnolia Empire on the east side fled from south to north.。
“Catherine,Have you noticed the situation on the mainland??!”Wright’s soul power swept through,Talk directly with the high priest within the scope of the divine consciousness。
“Are you talking about the refugee wave,I have found,I am now summoning the disciples,understand situation!”
“I will go to the Temple of War later?!”