This golden hoop,Heard,Again,Blame him feel too pure,Fighting these old monsters who have been taking a few thousand years。

Big Japan is like a handshake,Rude:“Liao Show,Poor has a curse,Why is it too hurt?,Please don’t be difficult to be poor。”
“Have a matter you think,I want to call it.,so I……Wait a minute,You still know!”
Liao Wenjie’s brainstick,A pair of red eyes to the north,At the same time as the big day,Switch a trick。
He has chosen before,So many ideas,There is only one now,Big Japan is not talking about,He also pulls a pad back.。
Black light beam,Nerve,Day of the sky。
Airflow arrogant,Gods。
A four-party big printed straight,Its shape,Wang trend is unparalleled,His book is destined,Domineering,It is the treasure of Beiyin Son,It is the highest embodiment of Nether’s unparalleled authority and status.。
Beibei Tianzi,Endless darkness,Liao Wenjie’s momentum,An instant explosion is enough to suppress everything。And the vitality within the whole nime is boiling,Hiking in the boiled sea,It seems that there is a mad tide of the whole heaven and earth in the next second.。
“Good,Good,The donor has been robbed,Today’s merits are successful,When you are so happy。”Big day, smile nod,Mage fade,Regardless of Liao Wenjie to hear,Directly back to Lingshan。
Congratulations to the North Yin Tianzi to return to the emperor。
In the middle of the temple,Sustainable,As a bubbles that have a bubble break,Frenzy,Everything is calm。
So big movement,Just following the day,Nether bureaucracy、Ghosts and ghosts gods are neither not afraid,It’s all blown by one.,Take a mess,Green faint lanterns can be seen around。
Liao Wenjie is holding the jade,Looking at no one in front of the sky,Blinking,What does it feel?。
Material is not bad,This called medium,He was mad and stunned.。
After a moment,He raised his hand and touched his head.,Fruit does not fake,The golden hoist is broken.,Powder pulverization,Directly changed gold powder。
Let’s go on the head,And black emperors on your body,Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,Distribute it back to the original clothing。
“One said one,Pure parties,As far as I swear and don’t share the temperament of the sky,Wearing a yellow robe is not like an emperor.!”He raised his hand to throw the big printed to the North Six Palace,叹 叹 回 草。
good,No problem,Liao Wenjie feels that he can still struggle。
Just retrieving the emperor.,A group of running legs,Put together,He can’t go out,These people dare to take him out?
Laugh,Here is the Nether House,He is the boss.!
“Unfielder,It’s really a brother.,One other,Do you have a graze of the grass or not to reduce it?!”
How is it behind?,How is it a glimmer?,Both have identity,Will you see people?!
Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,Dried Baba turns,Inside the line is a male,Strange,Light value than him……Between the villain,Only the emperor’s gas。
Nothing emperor,Because people have been honored。
A face that has never been seen,At least the face never seen before this,Liao Wenjie feels feeling,I read the name of each other。
Zhongtian Purple Microtala Too Emperor。
Scattered memory fragments retrieved by Liao Wenjie,The Ziwei Emperor is his direct boss,Star,Emperor in the emperor,Shandian Wanjie Top Warlord。
The reason why this is said,It is because Ziwei Damei brought a god.,Only on the sky,All the stars are all soldiers in his hand,Plus a normally……
Attempt,Be almost。
“Unfielder,Too polite,You used to call my big brother.。”