Always put people in the highest position in your heart (people’s point of view)

The Communist Party of China believes that the people-made actions of the people have explained that "I will not be me, no people", and always put the people in the highest position in my heart. I have to implement the love of the party and the people in action, for the masses Thomed, unremitting struggle, always struggled to build a party hundred years, "Seven Medals" won the deeds of countless Chinese.

Lin Dan, secretary of Fuzhou, Fuzhou Military Community, Fujian Community, Fujian Community, is committed to "Let the herdsmen will live a good day" in the Inner Mongolian Xilin Gol Grassland Ting Bartel. After retirement, I have always served in the first line of Ningxia Wuzhong City "Wang Lanhua The enthusiastic group "The Party Branch Secretary Wang Lanhua … Chinese Communists think that the people of the people are actually actions," I will not be me without me, no people ". General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, playing Jiangshan, guarding Jiangshan, keeping the people’s heart.

"Our party’s hundred years of history is a history of practicing the initial mission of the party. It is a history of the party and the people, the same breathing, and a total of life. Born for the people, because the people are always in the same people Together, it is struggling for the people’s interests. It is the fundamental starting point of our party to the party. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes: "To conduct the power of the people, education guide the majority of party members and cadres Put the people at the highest position in your heart, and use the people of the people, intimate people, leading people, and use their own relationship to solve the problem of the masses, and strive to promote all the people’s common prosperity to achieve more significant progress.

"Half of quilt" story master public Xu Ji Xiu said, what is the Communist Party? The Communist Party is a quilt, but also half of the people who give people. "The good example of the county party secretary" Jiao Yulu faces the sand, salt base , The prostitute, the first-year-old pawn, with the masses, the water, the water, the land, the heart, there is no self; "Times model" Huang Wenxiu, the grassroots level, one heart is the people, with life to the mission, the flowers of youth are in the university On the way … After the birth of the Communist Party of China, he made a happiness in the Chinese people. For the Chinese nation, the revival of the Chinese nation was established for his own mission. In the past 100 years, the Chinese Communists have implemented the initial mission, and there is a blessing with the masses. Salt with salty, no salt, no matter what you have, now, the party always insists that all for the people, everything relying on the people, always put the people at the highest position in the heart, always print, together with the people, unity and struggle. Always Put the people at the highest position in your heart, it is necessary to implement the love of the party and the people in action, do practical things for the people, do not strive, always struggle. Deversion of poverty attack, Mao Xing Lin leads the village to carry hoes, steel brazing, hammer, lagard Seven years of chiseling "Bench Road".

Into the new corona pneumonia epidemic, "I am a party member" cry, the red party flag is highly fluttering, "people’s first, life first" highlights the blessings of the Communists and the bones. The critical period of flood control, the party members and cadres rushed to the front line, running in heavy rain and time racing, for the life charges, "always put the safety of the people’s lives and property in the first place."

In order to take care of the mission to serve as a mission, you can firmly be a glorious mission. History and practice prove, win the people’s trust, get people’s support, the party can overcome any difficulties, it will be unhappy. The greatest power is from the people, the most profound changes are the people, the most real results benefit from the people.

Now, the Communist Party of China leads the Chinese people to embark on the road to realize the new test of the second hundred years of struggle. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Taking history as a training, it is necessary to unite the Chinese people to struggle for a better life." In the new journey, we face new topics, new tasks. Finishing the people’s urgent problems, promoting all the people’s common prosperity, and requires party members and cadres to always stand in the people’s position, implement the party’s mass line, respect the people’s first spirit, and practice the people-oriented development Thoughts, condense, pioneering and innovative spiritual gods and work hard, and really grasp the weight of the power. The star is not asking to ask the road, and it is a struggle in the future. General Secretary Xi Jinping called on all Party members: "Keep in mind the initial mission, firm ideals and beliefs, practice the party’s tenet, always keep the flesh and blood of the people, always think together with the people, dry together, wind and rain together, continue to achieve people For the long way to make a good life, strive to strive for greater glory for the party and people. " Adhere to the people’s position, the people’s supreme, persistently do something good to do practical things, condense the strong power of the strong national revival, we will be able to create a party, worthy of the people, innocent performance.