Where is the tiger butt of the boss?

Where is the “tiger butt” of the boss?

1 可以拒不服从 , 但是不要阳奉阴违  阳奉阴违比拒不服从更加可怕,因为如果说拒不服从是建立在对事情的基本情况和自己的能力有所怀疑的情况下,至少我们可以说这是“顽固To adhere to principles. ”
If the boss doesn’t have time to listen to your explanation for a while, he can at least send other people to turn around without delaying the time.
And Yang Fengyin violation means that your boss loses control of the situation.
  2 永远不要以为你已经不可替代  对于上司来说,完美的组织结构应该各得其所,每个人都像拼图上的一块――无论是边缘还是中心的部分,你很难说哪块比哪块重要 , 但是哪Blocks are irreplaceable and indispensable.
There are too many smart people in the workplace who think the trump card is in their hands because they love bargaining with their bosses too much.
Even an enlightened boss can’t get rid of the employer’s mentality: “Two-legged toads are hard to find. Are there not many people with two legs?
” 而且你也不要试图证明给他看,因为即便你后来在其他公司工作得再好 ,你放心,只要你离开了他的公司 ,他就不会为判断你的价值而多浪费一点点的脑cell.
  3 Don’t make decisions for your boss, or delineate your choices for your boss. So-called resources can never be fairly distributed in the hands of everyone.
As a boss, he has more strategies and information at the company level than you do.
Don’t hold the mentality of guessing strategic intent, this is not a tacit gambling game, this is business.
All you have to do is find three different solutions and then offer them objectively.
  4 Supervisors do not like two kinds of people: inaction and high maintenance. However, if one is to be solved immediately, it must be high maintenance.
因为无作为通常什么也不做 , 什么也不说 , 在有更要紧的事情的时候 , 放他在一边,至少不会有大麻烦;而高维修太喜欢当引领众人起义的侠客,对他们的If caregiving and psychological counseling are not timely, it may cause elbow and armpit. If you are a busy boss, you will even agree with me.