“Why don’t you talk for a while?So proactive,I can do it tonight!”A leopard hates iron but not steel,He has this opportunity,That’s so happy!It happened that someone like Chen Wenjin encountered this kind of thing,It’s just that Di’s kind of rich and face can’t chase his girlfriend.!

“I gave a fake paging sign。”Chen Wenjin said plainly,Di was stunned,Immediately unbelief:“Don’t blow!This girl is very seductive!You don’t want it?”
“You are not?”Abao is also dubious,Soon I felt that Chen Wenjin did this kind of,Can’t help but angrily:“You can also make an appointment to play,I have a chance too!Why give fake?I will tell her——”
“You go talk?”Chen Wenjin frowned,Dissatisfaction written on the face,Abao sees he cares,Can only sigh:“Naively unfair!”
“Why can’t you think so much??”Di also feels wasted,Chen Wenjin doesn’t feel sorry,Just say:“I don’t like being chased,I don’t like chasing others desperately。”
“You are sick——”Abao and Di speak in unison。
Chen Wenjin laughed and said nothing,He didn’t bother to say the real reason,The red-haired girl is of the same age,So unruly,He neither likes,Not willing to approach,Because of trouble,Besides, things may not be what they seem to be,The red-haired girl may not have no other purpose。
The three of you don’t talk about it,Chen Wenjin called Hui back,He said his father was not at home,Her mother took her brother out to buy things,Take this opportunity to call。
“In the afternoon, Joffin and Abao will make it clear,Good to get together,Don’t even be a friend。”Hui is quite concerned about this,At the end:“Abao, right??”
“He wants to drive too,Won’t do anything to Fen。Di is here,Haven’t decided where to go this afternoon,I’m sure to leave a message for you。”Chen Wenjin sees the end of the road,A teenager with yellow hair suddenly turned around and walked back,Doesn’t feel right,But in memory they have no enemies at this time。Although it may just be suspicious,But it’s better to transfer。
“Why?Don’t want to talk to me in a hurry to hang up?Don’t cherish it if you get it?Never before,I can’t wait to end the call these two days!”Hye thinks the relationship is closer now,Must not be separated for life,Should be more affectionate than before,Is especially sensitive。
That’s why Hui Jiao woke up in the early morning and was inexplicably worried when Chen Wenjin didn’t see him.,Then he didn’t answer the call,She was crying in the quilt,I think he got it,Don’t care about her anymore。Wait for an explanation from him,Just happy again,I think the previous worry is unnecessary,Chen Wenjin can’t be the kind of bastard who plays with her feelings and body。
“Met someone who was not right,Too far to see,A bit suspicious of the enemy,Plan to change place,So hurry。”Chen Wenjin said so,I changed to Hui immediately,Hurriedly asked:“You offended someone recently?”
“uncertain。”Chen Wenjin,Added:“I’ll call you later。”
“Leave me a message if you change places,Don’t worry me!”Huiguai hung up the phone,But a little uneasy。
Chen Wenjin hung up and called Di and Abao to eat rice noodles,Although they think lunch is a bit early,But also agreed。
Chen Wenjin left a message for Hui at the rice noodle shop,I also paid attention to my surroundings on the road,Didn’t see the suspicious figure,I just want to laugh at myself:‘Seems suspicious。’
Stop eating,No plan,I went shopping with Di to buy clothes。
Chen Wenjin doesn’t care what he does this afternoon,Just wait fast till night,But Abao is more anxious than him,Waiting for the draw at the lottery shop。