Xia Jian glanced at Dragon Ball,I couldn’t help laughing:“What do you do?Where is the funds? I have been in the venture group these years,In addition to basic salary,Nothing,To put it bluntly, just a few hundred thousand yuan,Life is no problem,What can I do with this little money??”

“You have no money,The bank has it!”Dragon Ball said with a smile。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“When I was in the startup group,They persuade me every year to make a loan from their bank,But now once I leave,It’s weird if they care about you。Moreover,I will not start again in Bucheon,Even if it is a business,I will not grab business with Chuanglai Group,You can rest assured Xiao Xiao at this point“
Xia Jian said these words,The color on Dragon Ball’s face suddenly changed,Even Fang Fang and Wang Lin were surprised。Dragon Ball asked quietly:“How did you know that Xiao Xiao asked me to ask you?“
“Ha ha!Who is Xiao Xiao, I know Xia Jian。You tell her,Let her put her heart in her belly,Since I voluntarily chose to leave the venture group,I won’t trouble her again。From now on,No one knows。You go!“Xia Jian stood up,Made a please gesture。
Dragon Ball stood up a little embarrassed,She whispered:“Sorry Brother Xia!“
“Nothing,Each is its own,This is your job,But i tell you dragon ball,You are young,How good is not what you imagine,Xiao Xiao is much more scared than you think,So be careful when doing things“Xia Jian said,Made a please go gesture。
Dragon Ball took a breath,Turned his head and grabbed the door。Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing.。
“Where did you tell that this dragon ball was sent by Xiao Xiao?“Wang Lin asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“This is not like her Dragon Ball character,After a few glasses of wine, I started to see what I will do in the future?I have an idea,I didn’t expect her to be honest。fair enough,Let her bring a message to Xiao Xiao,Let her complete the task,Second, Xiao Xiao will no longer doubt that I am against the venture group“
Wang Lin took a sip from the hotel and said:“Xia Jian!It seems we can’t stay in Bucheon anymore,Want to leave quickly,Otherwise, if Xiao Xiao doesn’t manage to deal with it, he will really attack us“
“She dare not,This is a society ruled by law,How can she dare to do anything。Don’t worry,If Xiao Xiao dares to come to Fuchuan,,I was the first person to catch her,I do what I say“Fang Fang patted the table and said。
See Fang Fang like this,Xia Jian was very moved,Big entrepreneurial group has worked hard for so many years,It seems that the most caring people are Wang Lin and Fang Fang。