Nine Uncle only looks,I know what the idea of Liao Wenjie.,Continue to say:“No wonder she can lose the fascination of the banana forest,I thought it was a female ghost that I learned.,So I personally go to do a bait.,Solve you and Qiusheng’s ability,I was confused by the girl……”

“Yes Yes Yes,Nine uncle’s father said yes。”x2
“Humph,I don’t know my heart.。”
Nine uncle is lazy to take care of Liao Wenjie and Qiusheng,believe it or not,Anti-rightness。
He waved from the cuffs and shaking a yellow,Post on the tree must be thrown on the foot:“Ager、Autumn,Be optimistic,Which banana tree is most powerful,Which banana tree is attached to,Eye hand, let her find her。”
Qiusheng just wants to ask,Sudden,Sticker yellow complicated on the tree must,The entire tree must,The banana forest is screaming,Big banana tree is shaking。
“found it。”x3
Three people look at the same time,Then go to the three orientation of the banana tree.。
Jiu Shihuang Sword,Punch the banana tree in front of it,See it without reaction,Dark road is too dark,Turned to Qiqiu。
the other side,Liao Wenjie also punctured the banana tree with money sword,Effect,抡 抡 铁 砂 补 下 下,Confirm that it is too dark to see him,This runs to the location of the autumn。
Yicheng is miserable,Waving money sword,Banana has no response,The result is suddenly moving behind him.。
I haven’t waited for him to chase,Under the foot of the mud,Instantly flooded the knee position。
“Master saves me!!”
Wooden swords come,Pre-autumn,Wolling is not,Autumn feet inserted in the soil。
Saving Qiusheng,Nine uncles stop,Go straight to the banana tree,opposite,Liao Wenjie came from the sword。
Wooden sword and money sword front and back,Piercing the banana tree at the same time,Screaming,Banan tree flower bark,No more moving。
Jiu Shi squatting on the banana tree,Looking at the top of the eye,Laugh:“Autumn,Take the shovel in the house。”
“Master,You first take the shovel to dig up and talk about it.。”
Half,Three people use iron shovel to turn over the banana tree,Nine Uncle touched in the root,Finally, take a finger from the dirt.。
“Nine uncles,what is this?”
Liao Wenjie immediately came to the spirit,Qiusheng is also curious,Delight:“Is it true body?,Species in pot,Water fertilization,I can grow a lot of female goblin next year.?”
It’s you!
Liao Wenjie is awe:“Autumn,I don’t think you have to fight the woman.,When you are really courageous。do not worry,Head seven,I definitely not absent.。”
“Jie Ge, what do you want?,I’m not that kind of person,Just want to put the demon intense in Master’s bamboo forest。”
“Qiusheng is right,This jade species is just buried in the bamboo forest.。”
Nine uncle laughs, huh, jade,Interpretation of the two people:“How can ordinary banana trees can be easily,It can be a baby to attract the sun and moon essence.,I buried jade into the bamboo forest.,Watering the heavens,The molded bamboo must also be a treasure,Good luck,May not be able to make‘Gain’Instrument。”
“so smart,Then I am……”
Liao Wenjie wants to take ten baskets of copper money to smash the nine uncle,In exchange for jade species,Can you touch if you can bring things back to the original world?,Feel。
Ghost stick,Have a rich future,He bought 18,The rope is formed into two nine-nine whip,A daily use,A plaque eat ash。
“Master,Jade species in bamboo forest,There will be no bamboo becomes a female demon.?”
“Will not,I am looking at it.,Where is so many demon。”
Jiu Shile huh, shot, put on the dirt,Find the owner to tell details,In their thousands of thank you,Write a prescription of a nourishing body。
The younger brother’s loss is too much,I have hurt the foundation,It is difficult to make up,He can only do its best。
Liao Wenjie,no other meaning,I think this is a fortune.,If you have no, you will use it.。
Return to the road of monastery,He asked the situation of ninexion,How to accurately,Instead of being empty, it will be aggravated。
Nine uncle talks,Liao Wenjie is analyzed in detail outside the outside.,And frank,Although medical can’t be separated,But he is not a doctor,Medical drilling is not deep,I can’t do it, I can cure all diseases.,Charged to treat usually cold and cold。
but,Because grasping the ghost demon experience,He is very good at treating some‘Strange disease’,That is, the disease that ordinary people hit the evil spirits。
Liao Wenjie listened to the head,Take the nine uncle finished overnight,All the whole process is talking‘Strange disease’topic of,Profoundly。