Shenyang City shut down to rectify 2 cold chain food sales terminals and 144 pharmacies

People’s Daily Network Shenyang May 20 (Filial Piety) This website learned from the Shenyang Market Supervision Bureau that Shenyang has found a case in Shenyang. Imported cold chain food, retail pharmacy centralized rectification actions. Up to now, the Shenyang market supervision department examines 4,232 retail pharmacies, discovering that there is a problem with 348 retail pharmacies, and has all been ordered to correctly rectify 144 pharmacies who seriously violate epidemic prevention and control.

Check 552 imported cold chain food units, full covering 5 first-stop cold storage and 34 non-fixed-point third-party cold storage, checking 238 self-supplied cold storage, 188 sales terminals.

For cold chain foods and other foods, selling imported cold chain food, no special zone, "three certificates, one yard", have a decisive measures, 2 sales terminals are shut down, 13 self-supplied cold storage Chain food is sealed. Since May 18, the Shenyang Market Supervision Bureau organized the global power to quickly set up 50 supervision inspection teams to conduct special inspections for exemption prevention and control of the city’s retail pharmacies and imported cold chain food production and operation units. The retail pharmacies mainly conduct "five checks".

Check-inspiration drugs (rural areas are "refundable, anti-virus, antibiotics) sales to identify and real-name registration; check whether to use the additive drug sales information, whether to sell , 即 登 即 报; Whether the staff should wear a mask, do not measure the body temperature every day, and fill in the record, whether it is work clothes, etc., whether the investment industry is ventilated and recorded (requires at least the morning, 1 pm); Temperature measurement and requires scanning code and standards to wear masks. Main "Ten Check" on imported cold chain foods. For the first station fixed-point cold storage, check "batch test, disinfection"; check "three certificates One code "; check" double double lock "; check two teams (special team operators, special staff) operation and protection; check whether the import of cold chain food information is incomugged into.

For a third-party cold storage of non-fixed points, check whether illegal storage of imported cold chain foods.

Food production and operation units and other imported cold chain food sales terminals for the self-contained self-supplied cold storage, check the "three card one yard"; check if "should be completed in the code" through the safety traceability system of the refrigerated food safety of Liaoning Province; The area is sold, the zone logo; check whether the imported cold chain food is confused or sold separately with other foods. If the general public, if it finds that the retail pharmacies and imported cold chain food production and business units have not strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures, they can call 12315. (Editor: Xiao Yuan, Danglong).