Huo Yunhe is full of mockery,But he speaks very mildly,His hands are cold,Slightly thin,Touch her face very.hate。

Yangliu recovered,Pat off the hand that made her uncomfortable,Turned his face away and ignored him。
“You used to like my touch the most,I feel disgusted now.He treats you,Are you gentler than me?Can i make you love too?Yiyi?”
The man’s tone is still as gentle as when we were together,Can tell her intuitively,All this is an illusion。
If he is furious,It means he is jealous,But he is so“Calm”,It means he is just unwilling。
The fake man is really disgusting,And she,Really disgusting,The vomiting reaction is coming again。
Don’t provoke him at this time,Chengyu’s fate is still in his hands,No matter how big the insult is,Men’s words are too disgusting and nutritious,Just ignore it,She’s here to solve the problem,others,Don’t want to mention。
Forcibly suppress the nausea,Look up,“Mr. Huo,Your family is big,There is no need to start a young man,Any dissatisfaction,Just rush to me!”
“You mean,It’s because of him?”
“Mingren don’t speak secret words,Let’s get started,Mr. Huo does all this,Isn’t the purpose me??Now i am coming,What is your purpose,Just say it,As long as i can do it,Never refuse,Just ask you to hold your hands high,Let go of Zhou Chengyu。”
Never refuse?Huo Yunhe chewed these words repeatedly,Heart chills,For that man,Is she going through fire and water??
Man withdrawing hand,Walk slowly to the French window,Look out the window,High and low buildings near and far,A warm light from the windows,But the lights are bright ,None of them are bright for him。
The feeling of gain and loss,Really chewing his heart!
right now,Changed to him silently,Willow waits upset,They were calm when they divorced,No contradiction,But now it’s against her friends,What a shame for the scholarly family!
This kind of man with amniotic fluid,There is no bottom line,Can’t have any illusions about him,No matter what he wants to do,As long as I can let Chengyu go,She will do it。
Even if he wants to make a statement by himself,It’s my fault,He dumped her,Apologize or something,She will agree。
Think of it as putting an end to your blind vision,Since then,High mountains and long rivers,Goodbye。
But Huo Yunhe’s request is not this!