Yue Ru Qing Shuang,Sprinkled on the trees in the calm deciduous forest,It also fell on these four Jianzong disciples who were frozen at a speed visible to the naked eye.。

Yawned,Did Xiao Bai change his posture?,Drop the long tail down Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,The white fringed neck fleece rubbed against Zhu Minglang’s shoulder blades,And then fell asleep in a daze。
Zhu Minglang、Nan Lingsha、Fang Niannian walked by these four,I didn’t even pay attention to their horrified eyes……
They can move only their eyes。
“Walking rivers and lakes,Don’t just remember to bring a sword,Please bring your mind with me。”Fang Niannian rolled his eyes,To these Sword Sect disciples。
These Sword Sect children seem to have been extremely humiliated,I want to rush out of the ice,But they can’t break free of Xiao Baiqi’s ice-bound method,After more than a month of sleep,And the cultivation of Saint Lu,How can Xiao Bai’s strength be stronger。
Not surprisingly,It can reach the upper dragon master level at the growth stage。
Entering completion,It’s just a matter of time,Just find a spiritual creature that matches Bai Qi’s attributes,Before the New Year,How can Xiao Bai jump directly to Dragon Lord level。
of course,High-grade nectar and star fragment crystals are absolutely unbreakable。
“Zhu Minglang,What is Jianzong?”Nan Lingsha asked。
“It is one of the four major forests in the Great Court mainland,Yaoshan Jianzong and Mianshan Jianzong are the largest factions of swordsmen,They are at the east and west of Ji Ting Continent respectively,Enshrined by several big countries。”Zhu Minglang explained。
“You have something to do with them?”Nan Lingsha then asked。
“That’s a long story……”
“Long story short。”Nanling Sadao。
Zhu Minglang put away the melancholy and pretentious expression that recalled the past,Secretly looked at Nan Lingsha。
I don’t know if it’s my illusion,Nan Lingsha’s voice is not much the same as before。Although she seems to be normal, there is not much difference,But her eyes,Have her own ideas。