Due to tight time,Xia Jian didn’t have the time to grind with them,Directly told these three people about the loan repayment。Li Hulin smiled and said:“The leader is really thoughtful,This is the best way,Otherwise, there is really no way to solve the money issue“

Ding Changwa said loudly:“Great,As long as you don’t collect money,There is no problem with this。What I care about most now is this kind of thing,Because the villagers have already cleaned up the land,Just waiting to plant“
He Yonggui never spoke,Xia Jian glanced at him and said:“Why doesn’t Mr. He give his opinion??and also,What kind of situation is in your village now?“
“I took office less than a day,But the situation in Hejiaping Village is very bad。There are many villagers’ lands that have not been sorted out yet,What kind of black potato is a lie,Because they don’t believe that the price of black potatoes will be so much higher than the price of ordinary potatoes“He Yonggui said helplessly。
Li Hulin became angry when he heard it:“Who are you in Hejiaping Village??Mayor Xia personally ran the project,Run seed。Even the seed money is paid by the bank for us。We just plant it,How come there are so many arguments。Not a single family in Liziwan Village is willing to pull down,Are rushing to plant“
“How about this!If you really don’t plant in Hejiaping Village,Give us all the seeds in Shangxiagou Village,We have the ground“Ding Changwa laughed and said。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“How does that work?Just thinking of your own village being rich。I will find a way,It’s just what Mayor Xia just said,I have no opinion,Just have a clear account,Only then can you convince the public“
“Damn!You Village Chief He is so troublesome,Mayor Xia can lie to us?Can you not hear?The cost of his trip to the U.S. is his own money”Li Hulin couldn’t help but say something。
He Yonggui looked embarrassed,He wants to say a few more words。But Xia Jian has stood up,He picked up the phone on the desk,Called Niu Li,What documents and*Took it。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa just made up casually,But He Yonggui looked very carefully,I also asked Niu Li if I didn’t understand,Niu Li explained one by one,He Yonggui smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia is really dripping,It’s easier to explain to the villagers”
“Easy to say!Secretary Niu took the black potato seeds*Make three copies,Let the three village chiefs take them back to the village。Since everyone has no objections,Execute it quickly。The seeds will arrive in 17 or 8 days,As soon as the goods arrive,Plant immediately,Who is responsible for the delay”Xia Jian said in a very harsh tone。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa patted their chests to guarantee,But He Yonggui did not,He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia!This plant pays attention to the humidity of the soil,Could you please let the weather bureau of our city give us some convenience,It is to pass the weather forecast of the recent period to us in time”
Tong Jie frowned as she couldn’t help listening,I think this person has a lot of things。But Xia Jian smiled and said:“no problem,start from tomorrow,I will ask someone to use the phone to inform you of the weather in Pingyang Town in recent times”
“Chief He!If it doesn’t rain for this period of time,What can you do?”Tong Jie asked He Yonggui a little deliberately。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“If it really doesn’t rain,Even if you use a load to carry water,Also keep the soil moist,Otherwise, this kind of seed is no good if it can’t be produced.,This is a lot of money”
“well said,Your two villages should also be prepared for this,When the time comes, the materials that will come with the seeds have planting methods and later related guidance,At that time, I will let someone give you guidance and training”Xia Jian said and glanced at his watch,Because he has to go to the city for a meeting this afternoon。
Tong Jie is very smart,She saw what Xia Jian meant,So she stood up and said:“Today this meeting ends here,Everyone, go back and handle the loan first,Be fast。Secondly, which old saying,Everyone is always ready,Once the seeds of black potato arrive,Let’s plant it right away”
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa stood up as soon as they heard,They laughed and let everyone say goodbye。But He Yonggui sat and didn’t leave,I can see that there is something in his heart。
as expected,When Li Hulin and Ding Changwa are far away,He Yonggui ran by himself and closed the door of Xia Jian’s office,Then he lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia! I need to report to you”
“it is good!Now the four of us,You just say”Xia Jian said, winking at Tong Jie,Tong Jie quickly took the paper and pen。