Create a tough city world city day China home event opens in Shanghai

World City Day China Home Activities and First City Sustainable Development Global Conference Holding Toughness City Promotion of Urban Governance Modernization Li Qiang attended and delivered speeches, Gutrez sent Cong Xin, Wang Menghui, Mai Munna · Sheriff, Gong Zheng announced Release "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework and 2021 "Shanghai Manual" ■ The "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework is the world’s first "five-in-one" concept of "five integration" worldwide The city’s sustainable development index system is designed to assess the level of sustainable development of global cities, and promote people-oriented cities sustainable development concept. This newspaper (reporter is talking about Yan) Yesterday is the world city day, "address climate change construction The theme of the Tough City, 2021, China, China, China, China, China, the opening ceremony of the first city sustainable development, in the world of the world of Shanghai North Bund. Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutrez sent a congratulatory letter. Wang Menghui, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a speech, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, the Executive Director of the Habitat, Madun Sheriff, delivered speeches through video. Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Mayor Gong Zheng announced the release of the "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework and the 2021 "Shanghai Manual".

Li Qiang pointed out that the world’s urban days in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, "City, let life better" is the theme of Shanghai World Expo, which reveals the purpose of urban development, and the wish of people in the city.

As the largest economic center city in China, Shanghai is in accordance with President Xi Jinping and the central government of the central government, while building international economic, financial, trade, shipping and science and technology innovation, focusing on building tough cities and accelerating the modernization of urban governance. We seriously practice the important concept of "the people’s city people’s construction and people’s cities as the people" proposed by the Chairman of the President, as the core of the city, and all around the needs of the people, and insist on leaving the best resources to the public, strive to put "people" People have a chance of life. Everyone can participate in governance. Everyone can enjoy quality life. Everyone can effectively feel the temperature, everyone can have a beautiful vision for realistic picture. As a living body, organism, fear city, be kind to the city, explore the establishment of urban life signs index system, and better play the role of urban operation "a network system", so that the city is more or more healthier and safer. Under the current urban development needs of this World City Day, under the impact of climate change and various uncertainty, large cities especially need to accelerate tough urban construction, we look forward to listening to unique observations from different countries, different cities, different cities, different fields Share with experience. Wang Menghui pointed out that the city carries more than half of the population worldwide, and it is a beautiful home of human beings. It is an important field of carbon-up peaks, carbon, and is the main battlefield to address climate change.

Madun Sheriff said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the challenges brought about climate crisis provide opportunities for cooperation and innovation. This year, the World City Day is another milestone that UN-Habitat works closely with Chinese partners.

Looking forward to the "Shanghai Manual", "Shanghai Index" can be widely shared, and better promote the implementation of United Nations sustainable development goals. I hope Shanghai will show more best practices in "cities and make life better".

Di Mitri Ken Tech, UK, UK, Russia, Russia, Japan, Osaka City, Japan, Xiamen, Fujian Province, Guangzhou, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Mayor, Fuzhou, Fujian Province Come to the video.

Prior to the opening ceremony, Li Qiang, Gong Zheng, etc. to see the World City Day China City Development Case Exhibition, listen to the world’s city’s global home and China’s home activities.

Jiang Wanrong, deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, presided over the opening ceremony. Shanghai leaders Zhuge Yujie, Cai Wei, Xiao Guiyu, Li Yiping, Director of the Bank of Communications Liu Wei participated. The World City Day is the first international day for the United Nations as a city-oriented international day. It is also the first international day for the Chinese government to promote the establishment of the United Nations.

This year, the world’s home event is held in Egypt, Luke, Egypt, and China’s home activities are jointly hosted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Shanghai Municipal Government and United Nations Results, including opening, theme forums, special forums, and series activities.

The "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework is the world’s first urban sustainable development index system in the world’s concept of "five integration" concepts, designed to assess global cities. Continuous development and progressive levels, promoting people-oriented cities sustainable development concept.

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