It is just that it is not convenient for public.。

“Hinder,This is not your responsibility。”
Gao Boyi looked at the city of Jiangxin in the distance,Heart is absent-minded。
I heard that solitary pregnancy,Fu Fu also knows what Gao Biyi is worried about at this moment.。He put low sound to Gao Boyi:“Yu Wenxian,It is our hearts and abdomen.。This,If you can save people,Also annihilate,That’s good。”
He didn’t dare to say that Gao Baoyi gave up his own woman.,But the persuasion is very strong,Will be the window of the window。
“Yu Wenxian is my problem,But is the problem of Yu Wenzi。He still goes back to it.。”
Gao Bao said if he thought。
If this time you kill Yu Wenxian,Yu Wenzhen will definitely give Gao Baoyi a big praise.!so,He can take a hand,Support a relationship,But it is also very hungry.。
Is this kind of person??The people in this era are not very seen.,However, Gao Bo Yi knows,Such people can’t say a lot,But absolutely。
After the history of Yu Wen,Yu Wen is not a member of Yu Wenxian,There are still many people who are helped.。If this time Gao Baoyi doesn’t give reluctance,Destroy,Of course, it is eliminated a opponent,But I also liberate a hidden danger in Zhou Guo.。
Since then,Yu Wenzhao does not have to worry about itself, you can do this.。He can concentrate more and more elite troops used to open up the land。
This thing will make a loss or lose,Gao Bao is not allowed to eat,But the woman in her backyard is from the German,Those people in their families will look at themselves,Probably imagination。
Too much in the image,And will kill solvents!
In love,He can’t get rid of the heart of Yu Wenxian,Even if the soldiers in the hand is not much,Can be squeezed at any time。
“Send people into the city,Talk to Yu Wenxian,I parked a logo on the Han River on the side of Shazhou.,There is a banquet to treat him there.。Can’t come, come and follow him.。”
Gao Biyi has no expression of Fu Fu,The latter is straightforward,I don’t know what to say.。
Will it be a bit??
Fu Fei, Gao Baoyi is a little too much.。But find a building ship to Jiangxin,Not a difficult thing,As for a banquet,That is simpler.。
He is very good,Only spent a time,I found a large charter under the hand.,The above sailors are the brothers of Wang Linzhao.。So Fu Di sent a brother who said,To the county county in Jiangxinshazhou,Sent to Yu Wenxian。
Qi Jun’s middle army account,Zheng Minmin is careful to knead his shoulders to Gao Baoyi,The technique is very softeous。At this moment, she can’t see a nervousness on her face.,Judging two people with just around Gao Biyi。
“Yu Wenxian has agreed,Go to the landlord tomorrow to go to the banquet。”
Zheng Minmin asked softly:“How do you know that he will go??”
“Because he knows that I will not kill him。”
“Just this??”
“Yu Wenxian wants to look at it from me,At this point,My thoughts are consistent with him.。”
Human,Tiger is also an account。For an enemy who meets on the sand field,Since you can’t solve him now,So more, know more。
Gao Boyi believes that Yu Wenxian has heard a lot about his own things from the solitary gongrona.。
“correct,I let you do the thing,Are you done??”
Gao Bao is curious。
I heard this, Zheng Minmin,Gao Bo Yi said to make a call“Blind box”s things,But it is a long time ago.,So much better,He does not mention,Zheng Minmin almost forgotten。
Fortunately, it has been done in advance.。
“Alang’s words,I have always been put in my heart.。”
Zheng Minmin observed Gao Baoyi,Leave the handsome account。Soon she returned,Holding a wooden box in his hand,The four quadrants are coated with red-yellow blue green four colors.。
There is a hole in the box that can only reach out.,I don’t know what it is.。
“Alang,How to play this thing?”
North and south,Folk entertainment has been greatly rich,This“Kid”Merits,But it’s a little unique.,It is not worthless to wear a piece of money.。