Production of self-help, starting from the disaster prevention and mass resettlement point – Daning County, Shanxi Province

  China Taiyuan on October 14th, Self-rescue At the eyes, the flying needle, the whole gods embroidered the tiger head on the jewelry, and the table put two products that have completed the embroidery process, just wait for the staff to pay the money. On the afternoon of October 13, the reporter walked into the largest disaster-critical people in Daning County, Shanxi Province. Seeing Wang Yuemei elderly and more than 100 women gathered in a big conference room to do car hanging embroidery jewelry, the relevant staff on-site receiving points. "I have been in place for 3 days. I have made this embroidery, I have earned more than 300 yuan." Wang Yuemei said that he is a poor household in Southeastburg village. Point money to make up for losses.

  This placement point in the Xiaowun Village Industrial Park in Datun County has placed 542 affected people.

Feng Juan, Chairman of Dalun County Women’s Federation, said that recently, the National Health Committee of the National Health Committee will pay 200,000 yuan to buy a car hanging jewelry made from the local "pull embroidery" process. This resettlement point is passed on the spot, according to the process Live, piecepoint payment, on the spot. Some of the cloth, some paintings, some pieces of silk, some sewing, some embroidered … A embroidery product workshop with complete production pipeline is built here, a unique production and self-help operation Start here. It is located in Danning County in the Loess Plateau. This is very serious, from October 2nd to 7, more than 280 mm, which is the largest precipitation in Shanxi Province. There are more than 50,000 people in the county, and more than 10,000 people are affected. "This is a big disaster, I am very embarrassed, now there is a place to make money, and it is a money, and a lot is also a lot.

"The victims of Chiun Village, Qujiang Town, Daning County, also took off poor, originally live with the big daughter, but the daughter’s house had a danger, but they had to transfer them to the affected people.

He Esiying did the sewing process, complete a earning 2 yuan, daughter as a embroidery process, complete a pair of earning 30 yuan. From Xiaosheng, he will learn to "pull the embroidery", which is both the victims of the disaster and the training teacher at the scene. After the class, I didn’t tire the hand of the students to actually operate.

"I understand them most, most of the students are older old people, it is not easy.

"He Chengying said," Whenever I see them to complete a process, I am very happy to get the money, I feel very happy, I feel worth it. "Currently, producing self-help as soon as possible, reducing losses, is our top priority.

Wang Xiaobin, secretary of Datun County Party Committee, said that all relevant departments are doing everything possible to accelerate this work.

  In another large room at this resettlement point, 50 affected people are accepting the previous training for local housekeeping companies.