Dayan’s soul is recovering well,It’s not a white ghost anymore,I don’t have to wander like a ghost when I climb up the mountain,Although this lonely mountain is extremely steep,But his big sleeves float away extremely chic,And those big monsters have long been used as birds and beasts,They don’t want to get too close to another lunatic。

“The weather is so nice。”Dayan sits on his own‘Son of Metaverse’Around,Distant sky,The Seven Flame Armor has turned into a rainbow and hung there,But Dayan does not mean rainbow,But the real sun farther away,Is the sun in the small world。
“A few days later,I want to return to the secret,Do you want to go see?”Did not get a response,Dayan didn’t care,He knows very well,Among the nine mountain guards in the secret realm,Only brother Liu Mo and‘Son of Metaverse’A little fate,And there is Biyoutan that moved there,It also has a certain attraction compared to the other party。
‘Son of Metaverse’Still not answering,Empty eyes look to the sky,His eyes seemed to have passed through the sky and flew far away,This is Li Tianzhu’s world,No matter how sharp his eyes are,I can’t see through the endless void beyond the small world,Too exaggerated,He is actually a body of chaos。
“Don’t waste your energy,The growth of this son is leaps and bounds,He is not practicing,But awakening,Different starting point,Why stubborn?”
“Take me to say hello to Liu Mo。”‘Son of Metaverse’Finally reacted。
Dayan nodded,Sighed and stood up,‘Son of Metaverse’Too jealous personality will have a major impact on his future practice,Fortunately, it has changed a bit,Even if you have ideas,He can’t be an enemy of Li Tianzhen,It doesn’t matter whether you can really succumb to others,At least he is still in this small world without leaving,Maybe that explains the problem。
Down the mountain,Dayan soars,Came to a burned woodland,Here is a black kitten,He needs to use more magic power,The kitten is the black unicorn,Sina, the High Priest of the Blood Race, was withdrawn from the Divine Soul by a secret method,Ruined the body,Divine Soul was photographed by Xin Na into the body of a high-ranking blood supernatural power,Use totems to awaken the possession of a certain great god of the ancient blood race,Combine the three spirits together,Created a huge monster,Familiar with Li Tianzhi’s weaknesses,With the attack power of the great god,Is the giant who attacked Li Tianzhen。
Li Tianzhi has nothing to do,But I can’t help Dayan,Stripped the spirit of the black unicorn from the giant as much as possible,Taking the dead black lion as its host,It’s a recreated black unicorn,In the prehistoric world,The mutant unicorn and the lion beast are close relatives,Help the black unicorn adapt to the new body as soon as possible,Unexpected,Few days down,The longer the black lion, the smaller,Actually became the size of a kitten。
Dayan knows,Pulling away the soul twice caused great damage to the black unicorn,Need long recovery,As for whether we can grow the other two heads,It depends on good luck,But Li Tianzhen’s small world is extremely full of aura,It’s better to heal and practice here,In addition, Li Tianzhi’s inexhaustible panacea,Presumably, it is not impossible for the black unicorn to return to its heyday。
Chapter one thousand and seventeen Dayan farewell
“When can i go back?”Li Tianzhen is not surprised by Dayan’s resignation,But quite reluctant,The opponent is his only ally in the mortal world,Fight side by side several times,Sympathy,Can be called a friend。
“More than half a load,More than a month,Some chores need to be dealt with。”After thinking about it, Dayan said,“Although your ideas are bold and adventurous,But the old man feels there is still hope of success after several deductions,So even if I can’t convince Brother Liu Mo,But also to touch other guards,Even one。”