“Brothers don’t worry,Teacher Zhu has killed the ghost woman evil spider。”Lu Wenye saw Nan Zhaobing and the others look nervous,Can’t help but smile。

“solved??”Nan Zhaobing can’t believe it。
The ghost spider,They didn’t actually see their true colors,How many years is hard to tell。
“Just this thing?”Nan Zhaobing walked to the body of the ghost woman evil spider,Take a look at the unrecognizable demon。
suddenly,The corpse squirmed,A small red spider broke out inside,Scared Nan Zhaobing away。
“I wish the teacher’s dragon is great,No wonder you can take the place of Lingsha’s sister in Red Lotus City,The ghost spider is a monster of 1,700 years,We will bring its eyes back to life,Can get high credits!”Lu Wenye said。
Lu Wenye didn’t mention the forest dragon,This saves Zhu Minglang the trouble of explaining。
As for Nan Ye,See Lu Wen Ye not mention,He didn’t say much,Just still looking at Zhu Minglang with weird eyes……
The ghost spider,Nan Ye witnessed it,Hunting the dragon!
Such a powerful monster,Zhu Minglang actually killed it in such a short time。
This guy,Why is it more and more mysterious and unpredictable!
“Shenmu Qingshenglong??”At this moment,The woman with gold ornaments noticed Xiao Qingzhuo。
Wish the bright silver-cyan Tyrannosaurus,Showed in the college,They have also heard,So it’s not surprising to see。