Liu Guofeng took a deep breath,While actively approaching Lu Menglin,Raised his head and smiled:“I’ll say hello to it,you do not mind?”

The voice has not fallen,I saw the giant snake suddenly bend its body,Open blood basin,Swallowed Liu Guofeng in one bite。
A big living person,I was swallowed by the giant snake in front of so many people,Suddenly chaos,Turn around。
How did you know that after the giant snake swallowed Liu Guofeng,Lift the snake head,Suddenly paused,What seems to be thinking,Then split the big mouth,Vomit something out。
boom!Liu Guofeng’s back is on the ground,He stood up straight after hitting a beautiful carp,Full of panic。
He just felt black before his eyes,Then I don’t know anything,His mind hasn’t reacted yet,I was swallowed by a snake。
Then another light appeared before my eyes,Then he is like a bag of garbage,Vomited out。
It’s okay to see Liu Guofeng,Kind of spirit,Everyone present breathed a sigh of relief,Emotions are also invisible from high to low,From tight to loose,Slow down。
“Sorry,This is an instinctive reaction,Weak things that are not strong enough,Don’t approach me casually!”
The voice of a giant snake came in mid-air,Hearing it can really spit out,Everyone around can’t help but be surprised,Excited again。
“Lord Snake!It’s Lord Snake!”
“How did the snake king really become a giant snake??”
“The snake king is the strongest in the city,I didn’t expect him to mutate
To this point!no matter waht,This strength is really strong!”
Mutants from the major gangs in the city started talking,Some of them recognized this as the voice of Lord Snake King,Secretly rejoice。
Although the gangs in the city used to fight endlessly,But facing the threat of the blue zone army,I can see a powerful existence like the Snake King appearing,These mutants can’t help but feel a little bit of joy in their hearts,At any rate, there is finally a strong man who can stop the scene,So that they won’t lose their place in front of the army’s guns。
just,Most people have overlooked a fact,In the words the snake king just said,Hidden an amazing fact。
The snake king said it has the instinct of snakes,When the weak existence appears in front of it,I can’t help but swallow it in one bite,That’s how Liu Guofeng was unlucky just now。