The more so,Actually from the current point of view,For the immediate situation。

Zhou Xinlin looks more and more seriously。
“Now it’s ready,Then we actually don’t have any need to continue to consume it。”
When Zhou Xinlin saw this,Is talking to this side。
And Wang Teng,From beginning to end,Are looking at all of this with a very indifferent look。
But for now,I won’t consider other things for now。
So from now on,Such a problem,How to solve it,Actually just this,It’s already very important。
And after watching for a while,Put it in front of you,Wang Teng at this time,The more I think about it, the more interesting it feels。
See these,At this moment,Wang Teng said directly。
“All right,Actually next,There is no need to continue to consume it here。”
“But then,Don’t talk about other issues for now,What to do,Everyone figure it out!”
When Wang Teng finished directly,At this moment,Those in Hawbao Camp,All swarmed up。
in fact,Looks at Wang Teng,Zhou Xinlin now,There is no resistance at all。
Even as long as Wang Teng behaves a little more seriously,Want to solve it,It’s very easy。
For these,Of course Zhou Xinlin doesn’t know。
Zhou Xinlin is here,I still have a hint of fantasy in my heart。