“Why wait for me to cut this guy’s tongue first……Pooh,Gouged his eyes first!”Said the blindfolded man in Wupao。

“There are a group of masters,Is surrounding our monument wall。”Said the brawny man。
“Know the origin?”Asked Wupao leader Guo Chang。
“I know!”Zhu Minglang suddenly said。
“shut up!”The head of Wupao picked up the barbed knife and pierced Zhu Minglang’s eyes。
I wish Minglang escape easily,Those nooses trapped on his body are like hanging on him,It all fell off with a light shake。
“I’m the son of the royal family, Zhao Yinge,Ben Shizi has been staring at you group of demons and evil cults for some time,Special masters come to destroy religion!”Zhu Minglang said loudly。
First211chapter Eyeless Dragon
The height of the monument wall,A man in a black robe drew out his sword。
He pointed his sword at a sneaky person,And shouted:“Protect Master Zhu!”
The sword holder is Wu Feng,He is wearing the same black robe,A look like a secret guard,Use rough swordsmanship against Fu Hao。
Commander Hao evades immediately,And summoned a quartz ankylosaurus covered with thorns,He crawled and hid behind the dead waiters:“He is inside,Kill me,Take people down at all costs,Dead!”