Said President Jiang completely stopped breathing!

“What do you really want……”Jiang Wan’er didn’t expect,They move so fast。
Their men,There are always people?
“what happened?”
Seeing Jiang Wan’er suddenly lost,Hu Yili doubts。
“You got it!fast,Call Fang Yu……Without him,My father will definitely not survive!”
Jiang Wan’er quickly ordered。
Very eager!
Hu Yili called Fang Yu,Prompt is in a call。
That means,Fang Yu is still driving,Don’t want to answer the phone。
That’s it……
Wait for Fang Yu to go back and cook the medicine,Uncle Jiang is dead too。
“right now,You stay in the company,I leave these bodyguards for you……Fang Yu,I’ll find!Do not worry,everything will get better!”
Hu Yili didn’t say much。
Hurried downstairs,Drove to Fang Yu’s side!
hope,Don’t be too late!
First186chapter Stand up
Tuk tuk……
Fang Yu is planning to start making medicine,There was a rapid knock on the door outside。