If it is an indivisible magic weapon、Resources wonders, etc.。

Li Mingfen’s five and a half,Xiaoyao Tianzun、Kuafu and Zhuanxu each have a half,Venerable Fuhu Yicheng。
This is also based on the distribution of strength。
“Wow~”On a small star tens of billions of kilometers before the ancient gods,Li Ming flipped,Take out the Ancestral Temple。
But three thousand years,When Li Ming cracked the big array,The other four powers will naturally not stand by the side。
Four Powers,Taoism and Buddhism are all about saving all beings、Save the common people。
Zhuan Xu is one of the Five Emperors,And the gods and devil praise the father also loves all beings,Otherwise, I wouldn’t hunt down those golden crows and run around。
The four great powers are also quite unhappy with the way the blood rule of the gods and demons in this world。
but,They are unwilling to deal with those gods,But it is to guide some of the mundane of this world。
Such as Venerable Fuhu,I value a little guy with a strong desire,It is said that once experienced the red dust,Give up desire,Then it can fit with Buddhism。
And also threw a low-grade innate spirit treasure,And personally follow and guide for a long time。
Kuafu spreads some magical doors in the ordinary。
Emperor Zhuan Xu is even more simply,Find some gods directly,Hand down the method of becoming a true immortal—This world,The highest cultivation method is the realm of heaven,There is no way to break through to become a true fairy。
But in fact,If Tianxian comprehends the avenue,The distance from breaking through the real fairy is really just a thin line。
Only way,Can break through as a true fairy
Tianxian in the world of ancient gods,There really is such a realm,Who knows a great way。So celestial,Emperor Zhuanxu even moved the heart of the Three Realms under his family,After all, the major forces of the Three Realms,There is no shortage of true immortals。
As for Xiaoyao Tianzun—Really happy,Wander around,Accepting a disciple only occasionally,Leave after teaching。