Huo Yunhe shouts from the bottom of my heart,Can face a little woman pretending to be calm,He can’t say anything!

“Where is grandpa and grandma,I won’t go and apologize。”Yangliu’s head was dizzy,Sore and weak,Isn’t it sick??
Huo’s grandparents are so kind,Treat her so good,I didn’t look down on her just because she was an illegitimate daughter;Huo Family Mom and Dad,Because I helped them easily,I am infinitely tolerant to myself。
She is not a fool,Not a little girl who doesn’t understand anything,Such a giant,Pay attention to the right,Although Lu’s blood is flowing in my body,,But can’t enjoy the resources of the Lu family,No benefits of marriage can be brought to the Huo family,They know,Still accepting with a smile。
Love is a matter for two people,Marriage involves two families,The Huo family doesn’t care if they can bring them benefits,But the two of them are living。
She’s sorry for the parents of Huo who have high hopes for her,Huo Yunhe,I didn’t feel sorry for him,Naturally don’t feel guilty,This road is smooth or smooth,Is it bumpy or full of thorns,It’s my own choice,Won’t blame anyone。
What did Yunhe just say?friend?Sorry,She is not that generous,If you can be friends,She will forgive him,Not getting divorced.
Willow takes a step back,This kind of sympathetic tone,She doesn’t want to hear from him。
Traffic on the road,Almost no pedestrians walking,They stood facing each other in the shade of the door,Men’s fitted light gray handmade custom suit,Black shirt,The button on the neckline is not fastened,The standard tie is gone,And she only found out now。
Men who pay attention to appearances are always glamorous,But now he looks haggard,Low eyes,The body is still stalwart,But the state without the neckline makes him add a touch。
This marriage,It’s not just herself that hurt。
The man who used to be intimate,Will drift away;Who love,Will disappear,Their fate,Exhausted!
Zhou Chengyu didn’t know when he came,Reach out and pat Yangliu’s shoulder,Did not look at Huo Yunhe,Took her away。
Open the door of his mini-car,Take her luggage up first,Help Yangliu sit up again,One last look at the man still looking here,There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth。
Do that shameful thing,Even dare to look at Yangliu with that reluctant look,He really doesn’t know what propriety, justice and shame are!
Yangliu kept looking out the window,The flowers on both sides of the street are blooming brilliantly,Life is still very good。
This love brings her sweetness,Let her feel the feeling of a woman being petted;And what this marriage brought her.It hurts。
She believes Huo Yunhe didn’t do anything to be sorry for her,But that was their wedding night,He and his sister lay on the same bed without clothes-on。
The fact that was recorded in the photo was posted to her phone,Deleted by her,But the picture is frozen in my mind,Lingering。