Wang Youcai’s home,A bit busy these days。
Although Wang Degui has been the village chief for half his life,,But he is from Xiping Village after all,Therefore, I always hold a credible but unbelievable attitude towards feudal superstition.。
This son is getting married,He dare to be careless,So ran twenty miles,I went to find Mr. Half Yin and Yang,Combine Wang Youcai and Ni Xiaoli.,Calculated their wedding dates。
People in this industry,Usually see the wind,This yin and yang look at Wang Degui’s tighter requirements for this time,So I calculated two times for him,One is six days later,And the other is ten days later。Wang Degui weighed repeatedly,Finally selected the time ten days later。
“Did you say it was March 28th in the lunar calendar??This time is good,Set on this day。The time given to us in a day is a little looser,These two are not very far away,very good”Chen Yueqin sitting on the big kang,With a new quilt,Said with a smile。She was so happy these past two days,In fact, the parents of the world,Almost always like this。
When the two couples are making up who Murakami invites,Wang Youcai walked in listlessly,He sat down on the chair,So I poured myself a glass of water,Drank quietly。
“say something!What’s the attitude of Li Niang’s family??I shouldn’t cooperate with the matchmaker anymore.!”Chen Yueqin glanced at her son,Hehe asked with a smile。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Her grandma’s!And a 20,000 yuan gift,They said they all came here when they got married。Besides, Ni Xiaoli’s mother wants us to rent a house in Pingdu,Get married in the city”
“You can give her a lottery of 20,000,But getting married in the city doesn’t work,Her daughter married a farmer,What kind of big tail wolf”Wang Degui said a little unhappy。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Xiaoli and I are married,Not to work in the city,Can’t let her live in Xiping Village and run back and forth!”
“Ouch!I really didn’t expect this。But Xiaoli is pregnant,Let her stay at home and raise her baby,What class is still in?“Chen Yueqin put down the needle and thread in her hand,Said coldly。