However, the things of Chen Riyuan finally solved,He also suddenly put down a heavy burden.。

“Is it a doctor??”Inspiring an internship nurse,It seems that there are still some nervous look at Zhou Ye.。
Respiratory Bacheon Week, Zhou Niwu and Week。
That ten eight or nine is really looking for yourself.。
Zhou Ye is politely“Um”A sound。
The little nurse saw Zhou Yewu appeared.,May be a nursing student who just undergive。
certainly,Teenage girls in the same age saw the teenager of Zhou Yewu,90% will appear a little shy!
“Sure enough, it is too handsome.……”Zhou Ye, my heart is stinky。
But waiting for a long time,The little nurses have no more words.。
she……It seems to be forgotten.。
Zhou Ye reminded:“Is it what I have??”
Small nurse red face,I remembered this,Hurriedly:“Doctor,Nurse has you call,It seems to be a Mashamian doctor who is on the other side of the old disease.。”
Zhou Ye“what”A sound,“Doctor, what is looking for??It’s hard to be a patient for the consultation.?”
Small nurse shook his head,Said that you are not clear,Then I ran into the ward.。
Zhou Ye thought,Previously in the elderly ward,He is helping Ma Chauyi exhausting machine,It’s still time to let Ma Chao give the old man.。
Look at the time from the consultation,It has passed24h。
Napoto report is estimated.!
Isn’t it a good moving?。
Then Ma Chairi called himself.?
Zhou Ye has once again emotion,Solve the time of the horse,I didn’t expect to have a horse and wait for yourself.!
The surname horse is not today and does not do it.?
Zhou Ye went to the nurse,Take a call,“Hey,Hello,Respiratory ward。”
The horse “of the phone is obviously waiting for a long time.。
He heard the voice of Zhou Yewu,I am excited at an instant.:“brother,The result of the electromalogram report came out.!”
Sure enough, things are like god.!
However, it is a blessing or a disaster.!
Zhou Niwu is not awkward,Whisper“Um”A sentence。
The phone is holding the report.,One hand is then the phone:“EMG report show,Nervine damage of the old man’s bilateral,Surrounding neuropathy……I’m really right.。”
Zhou Ye learned that he did not have a mistake after his consultation.,The chest suddenly quite。
Believe in brother,How could it be wrong?!
He clearly cleared the way:“uh-huh,It is recommended to look from the patient’s past history and medication.,There is also a case where there is no spinal pathogen to oppress the neuropathy.?Or do the drugs for a long time have such side effects??”