First, unify all forces in the Golden Triangle with Venerable Lu,Take down the jungle city,Then got financial support from Hong Kong Island,Have a Chinese background,Chief Instructor of the Iron Lion Force,Now even Myanmar has successfully won,It’s equivalent to getting a century-old foundation,From now on,Soar everywhere,No longer restricted to one corner and one place。

What a glory this is,What a pleasure?Liu Niu’er has been a warlord for most of his life,And there is no huge benefit in this year。
“Ok,I will often go to Jingshen Valley to practice,You follow along!”Lu Menglin casually said。
“it is good,it is good!for sure!That place is good!Stay there,Sure to live longer。”Liu Niuer replied happily。
“Haha!You will pick a place。I should be there again next month,You mobilized a batch of construction teams in advance,I want to make great progress,Always stay there。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“it is good,no problem!”Liu Niu’er promised,An old face smiles like a flower。
Venerable Lu became the patron saint of Myanmar,I used to be like the Emperor Taishang,Then go by yourself,How can it be considered a commander-in-chief level?!Thinking about this,Of course Liu Niu’er feels happy。
Early next morning,Freighter arrives on Hong Kong Island。
Lu Menglin took Su Yi and Liu Niu’er,Enter the city from the pier,After contacting Chen Jiannan,Came to a big shopping mall in Causeway Bay。
Open the glass door of the top office,What catches the eye is the beauty Su Xuehen sitting behind the desk。
Su Xuehen is wearing an off-white professional suit today,Although it’s a shirt and trousers,Still the perfect combination of femininity and strength of professional women,You can’t move your eyes with just one glance。
“mom!”Although Su Xuehen received the news,But when she saw her mother brought back by Lu Menglin,Still too excited。
Mother and daughter embrace and cry,Cry so much,The scene is quite touching。
Lu Menglin stood by,Can only keep smiling,And Liu Niu’er had already slipped out with excuses,Leave the space for your lord。
“thank you!Thank you for bringing mom back。”Su Xuehen cried for a long while holding her mother,Finally realized that there is another person in this office,So turned to Lu Menglin and smiled sobbingly。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“I count。”
“Wait a moment!Let’s go inside to add makeup。”Su Xuehen’s face is red,Suddenly a little embarrassed。
After speaking,Mother and daughter holding hands,The money went into the office suite。