Scan the letter in a hurry,really,This cousin of my family clearly explained in the letter,Said that all electrical appliances must be reduced by a voltage regulator before they can be used,Otherwise, electrical appliances will be burnt out due to overpressure,I also explained it in the letter,He wrote a Chinese manual for all electrical appliances,It can be used normally as long as you check the icons on the English manual。

Thinking of a big color TV almost ruined,Yuan Jia was also scared for a while,Seeing Chen Hongjun still in a daze,I was a little angry immediately:“Don’t rush to find the regulator?”
“what?Oh oh……”
Chen Hongjun just realized,I hurriedly found a few from a pile of paper boxes that looked exactly the same,Find a voltage regulator inside,Plug in the power strip at home,Adjust the output voltage,See that the output pointer points to110V,Then I carefully plugged in the TV plug,Boot up……
Busy、After tuning,The TV finally showed a clear picture,But everyone in the room was dumbfounded:Why the picture is black and white?
People inside and outside,All eyes fell on Chen Hongjun’s body。
Chen Hongjun grabbed his hair anxiously,Suddenly slap our brains,Sneered:“I remember,Said in the letter,If the picture is black and white,That is the system mismatch,Need to adjust the system toPALStandard。”
Yuan Jia gave him an angry look,Implication:What can you do?
“Hehe……I will adjust,This tune……”Comrade Chen Hongjun’s face。
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First55chapter Gifts from the U.S.:under
Although Huaxia adoptedPALSystem and the U.S.NTSCThe system does not want to be the same,But this does not affect the use of this color TV,The reason,Little devil can do business,Dongying electronics companies with a small market simply cannot rely on the small domestic market to develop adequately,Can only follow an outward-oriented development model,and soRBColor TVs produced by electronics companies80%All of the above are for export。
But here comes the problem,You can’t becauseACountry adoptsPALThe standard is specifically launchedPALStandard color TV production line,also becauseBChina’s color TV standard isNTSCOne more standardNTSCStandard production line,That’s a huge waste,The little devil who is good at budgeting is certainly not happy。
For export convenience and cost reduction,RBOf home appliance companies almost unanimously chose to make a color TV compatible at the same timePALwithNTSCTwo formats,This problem is naturally no longer a problem,Not only can it save the purchase cost of a production line,Also because of the increase in purchases to further reduce costs。