Watching lively water friends is not afraid of things,It’s not your own money anyway,I’m not Headmaster Wang。

but,More than half a minute,Still didn’t see Principal Wang speak。
“principal,Isn’t it。What a million is worth to you,I don’t have enough money, I’ll help you out。”
“Yes,I also helped you out for a dollar。”
Chen Xiu sneered,These people are keyboard men,Keyboard is ok,Don’t believe that they really come to a crowdfunding to cheat themselves。
really,I am not Principal Wang and I know that these people have sex,I don’t have enough money in my account to continue my willfulness,Directly selected offline。
Seeing that I’m not Principal Wang’s account became dim,Everyone is boring for a while。
No fun to watch,Everyone is leaving,Of course there are two out of ten、Three were convinced by the temperament and talent of rosin and chose to stay and watch the show。
No, I’m not Headmaster Wang,The live broadcast room is finally back to normal。
Rosin played a few more ancient songs,The live broadcast is about to be shut down。
Chen Xiu listened to these ancient songs and was about to close the live broadcast.,The background prompts that there is a new private message coming,When I opened it, it turned out to be a message from Rosin to myself。
“Hello there,Thank you tonight for helping me out tonight……Give me your account,I will return all the money you rewarded to you。”
“Why?Is the money I rewarded smelly?,You just hate it。”