Tianxi Expressway construction once again achieved breakthrough progress

On November 13th, the double smooth penetration of the Guangxi Tianxi Expressway Project of Guangxi Fangxi Expressway in China can build Gezhouba Group. At this point, all four tunnels in the section of the construction project of Tianxi Expressway have achieved all the achievements, and the engineering construction has reached a breakthrough progress. It is understood that the Weiyan Tunnel is the longest tunnel of the Tianxi Expressway Construction Project Department. The tunnel is located in Yao Township, Tianlin County, which is the Yue Ring Tunnel. The tunnel import slope is steep, the vegetation is flourishing, the tunnel exit is The hometown of Ba Cun Village is facing a flat venue, and the provincial channel S321 can be connected via the village. The tunnel is designed according to the dual lane separation tunnel design, and the imported area is designed according to the small pincope tunnel; the right line starts from K11 + 822 ~ K13 + 253, the whole length is 1431m; the left line starts from ZK11 + 832 ~ ZK13 + 198, Full length 1366m.

The tunnel import and export uses the end wall hole, the maximum buried depth is about 290m, which belongs to the long tunnel.

The surrounding rock of the 盘 tunnel is poor, the water seepage is large, the overall construction is difficult, and the construction of the Tenti Expressway construction project is a serious summary experience. In-depth analysis of the construction environment, the local system, and the construction plan, Increase the investment in construction resources, strengthen safety, quality control, and focus on resolving the key issues of restricting production, and ensure that the double-scale tunnel has penetrated.

Since this year, the Ministry of Tainxi Expressway Construction Project has vigorously launched "party construction leadership, attacking hard, struggling to open two ‘last kilometers" theme labor competition. In-depth development of the party building in the work area, strengthen the party building leadership, will lead the leadership to the on-site first-line work to form a normalization, continue to promote the project construction and fast development.

Since June 1, this year, the rich tunnel, Xinzhai Tunnel, developed hill tunnel, and the Tunneling Tunnel, which were built by the Ministry of Tongxi Expressway Construction Project, and the Tunneling Tunnel have been achieved. As of November 13, Tianxi Expressway Construction Project Department The department completed the "Four Seasons" node goals in advance, laying a solid foundation for further completion of the production and operation goals in 2021. (Shi Shengfu, Xie Ao Song, Sui Dragon) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.