If you can enter this kindergarten,It will be easier to enter aristocratic schools in the future。

and so,Tianfu Yushuiwan is now in the school district!
I find that my information is still lagging behind,I don’t even know this。
“School district,We haven’t promoted。Please don’t make a mistake,We don’t know if we can enroll nearby。”
I am very sincere in explaining。
Friends in those circles said,Blue Ocean Academy has already said,Every household in Tianfu Yushuiwan has a quota。
So for this quota,Some simply bought two or more houses。
I just know what happened!
Chen Duo also knew about this,Send WeChat and smile with me,I knew I should double the price!
I am satisfied with the 30% increase,After all, the original price is not low。
Sometimes,To lose is to take advantage。
But the price of the second phase,Will definitely be high!
I did not pre-sell,Although this is a common practice in the industry,But I still have to wait for the cap to be sold。