“did you see it?After this guy came back,A blood hole in the forehead,Was photographed with a brick,You show him his brain。”Peng Weihua’s voice came in my ear,This guy just finished treatment,Covered with gauze,Naturally became active again。

In fact, Li Tianzhen’s wound has stopped bleeding and scabs,But Doctor Liu checked and dealt with it carefully before leaving。
at this time,Most brothers have already gone to bed,Zhu Lei is the only one left in the yard、You Shilong、Ryoko,Plus Peng Weihua and Li Tianzhi。
“Go to bed when you are fine。”Peng Weihua obviously has something to discuss,Li Tianzhen doesn’t want to be wordy,But after standing up, I don’t know which room to go to。
“Xiao Li,Your injury is not light,rest well,Why don’t you have a room with me and be quiet,The east one。”You Shilong reaches out,The one at the east end of the first row。
Li Tianzhen is also welcome,Lift leg and walk,He has a lot of things to ponder over,Wishing to leave。
“How long has Xiao Li been to the car dealership??”Watching Li Tianzhen close the door of Dongshou’s room,You Shilong asked Peng Weihua in a low voice。
“Less than three months,Keep following me。What’s up?”
“I think this guy is very good,Very good,Is it reliable??”
“not bad,Introduced by Luo Jun,Have served as a soldier,Uncle has a good impression of him。”
“Oh?Uncle met him?”
“Are you nonsense?Why do we break up with Biao Qi?Why did you go to Fushan where the birds don’t shit??Tell you the truth,Has something to do with this guy。”
“There is such a thing?But Uncle has feelings with the soldiers,There is no way,Uncle Hai is the same temper,But to say it again,Haven’t we been at fault with Biao Qi and Ahao?,It has nothing to do with others, right??”
“grass,Just a few days after you came back,I can’t tell you something,Actually it doesn’t matter much,But it’s interesting,This guy is too rigid,Disabled Biao Qi’s cousin,Demolished another underground casino,Fucking,Killing me,But watching to relieve。”
“Ha ha,It’s a guy,This temper can be dealt with with Uncle Hai。”
“cut,People are also pressed,How can Uncle Hai be so hot?”
“okay,Stop talking about Xiao Li,Talk about what to do tomorrow?I am sleepy。”This is another person’s voice,Li Tianzhen heard Zhu Lei,Although the conversation in the courtyard has been suppressed to a very low level,But he can still hear clearly,I don’t want to listen,The sound keeps in my ears,But it also made Li Tianzhi intuitively understand some of the current status of Yuxing。
Repeated thinking,Li Tianzhen still decided to find a chance to visit Liuyun Temple,Pimple in my heart,It’s always bad to be unclear。
Very late,Several talents in the hospital dispersed,When You Shilong crept open the door and entered the house,Actually the sky is almost bright,Li Tianzhen pretended to be asleep,Then really fell asleep。