The sun has set,The sky is getting dark,In the countryside,No street lighting,So after a while, I can’t see my fingers。But Li Tianchou and Uncle Geng’s night vision capabilities are very impressive,Don’t care。

At this moment, there is a dark shadow faintly moving below the slope,Li Tianchou just about to remind Uncle Geng,Uncle Geng said:“Wenhui。”
Sombra quickly climbed the slope,It’s Wenhui,“uncle,All hidden behind the hills two miles outside the village,There are five cars,It is estimated that the number 20。”Wen Hui is too tired to catch his breath,It looks like he came all the way。
Uncle Geng nodded,“Did you see they moved?”
“Not clear。Nobody around the car anyway,I dare not get too close,So I didn’t see the inside of the car.。”Wenhui tells the truth。
“Let’s go,Let’s set off,Go around from behind,Robbed his nest。”Uncle Geng ordered to stand up first。
Although the hillside is not high,But very steep。Everyone climbs and walks,As long as you turn over a higher mountain beam at the back, you can take a shortcut and go straight to the place Wenhui just visited.。
Less than twenty minutes,The three have crossed the mountain ridge,Downhill,The terrain in front gradually becomes flat,Just lush vegetation,Deep foot and shallow foot are not easy to walk。Wen Hui pointed forward,Low channel:“Right there。”
Li Tianchou followed the faint moonlight and looked around,This gentle slope,Not big,There is a dirt road ahead,Wen Hui is referring to a small hill next to the dirt road,I can’t see anything in the dark。
“Let’s lean on。”Uncle Geng ordered,The three spread out and touched forward slowly。
Probably more than 20 meters away from the hill,You can already see the outline of the vehicle,Uncle Geng motioned for the two to stop,The car stopped close to the open space under the hill,Very hidden,Also very compact,All off-road vehicles,Turn off all lights,Don’t know if anyone is in the car。
“Me and li are over,Wen Hui is waiting in place。”After Uncle Geng finished speaking, he ran out from behind the hiding vegetation,high speed,quietly。Li Tianchou was taken aback for a moment and got up and ran out from the other direction。
The two were hiding in the rear of different vehicles,Listened for a long time。Uncle Geng moved first,He quickly rushed to the side front door of the cab,Suddenly he stretched out his hand and pulled the door open,Then I heard“what”Exclaimed,Then came“Bang bang”Two violent knocks。
at the same time,Li Tianchou heard a cry from the cab of the crouching vehicle,“What’s going on?grass。”Immediately afterwards, Kata made a sound as if the car door was opened。
Li Tianchou doesn’t know if Uncle Geng succeeds,I can’t hesitate anymore,He slightly probed,Saw the driver stepping out of the car,He rushed twice with his feet,Body rise,The right hand slashed hard on the driver’s neck like a knife。
The two solved the two drivers in an instant,But I didn’t expect there was a driver in the car,He rushed out of the car door and turned around to face Uncle Geng,In shock,This guy saw the black hole in Uncle Geng’s hand before he could shout。