Zheng Mingshan knows that Li Hui Feng did not tell the truth.,But he did not care。

After all, everyone has their own small secrets.。
He is also included。
“Um,No matter if you have,But the effectiveness of the strawberry is not over.,Some strikes,It is best to sell less,Of course, if you can dilute those components inside strawberries,I feel no problem.。”
“Hey-hey,Professor Zheng,If I have that thing,Now I’m sure to make a fortune.。”
Zheng Mingshan said with Li Hui, said a few words from the heart.,Then Li Hui Feng is also speaking.。
When I returned to lotus village,Already in the evening。
Li Hui’s simple wash,I have a meal to continue to study the things in my heart.。
He always feels that the opening of the second floor seems to be fast.,But there is no mind。
Xianquan is still as if it is,It seems that,Will slowly。
People’s refinement is actually growing directly here.,This is how Li Hui is not expected.。
The next morning,Li Hui is ready to see the situation of repairing the road.。
But he just walked to the village.,I looked at a few friends riding a motorcycle.,On the side of the village,Still playing video。
When one of the boys saw Li Hui Feng,An immediate surprise shouting。
“Bros,I finally saw the goddess of God.,Brothers, I am riding a week.,I finally saw the real person.。”
I heard the sound of the other side.,Li Hui Feng frowned。
He was originally returned to the village.,I don’t want to be surrounded by the so-called fans on the Internet.,Can’t go。
“Bro,Can you take me?。”
Chapter 658, Ye Shuangzhu
The youth listened to Li Hui’s words, and he quickly turned the lens to the surrounding people.。
“Hey-hey,Sorry,I really see you some excited。”
See the youth attitude,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“fine,Just don’t shoot me.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly going back directly.,Prepare to ride a motorcycle to Zhaojia Village to see the road problem。
But he just turned,Another motorcycle is directly down a beautiful girl,I’m far away, Li Hui Feng。
“God doctor brother,This time we don’t stay away from thousands of mountains, but it is coming to you.。”
Li Hui stopped the body,Turn around and see。
I saw the other side of the helmet,Exposing a beautiful pretty face in an instant,The short hair of a full ear is extraordinarily。
Especially the other party laughs on the left side of the deep dimples,It has added a bit of lovely color.。
The other party can say that it is beautiful when it is not laughing.,It’s a beautiful woman who is good.,But just laugh, but give people a lively and lovely feel。
“God doctor brother,Can you sign me a name??”