“well!You are indeed stronger than Li Huan,I underestimated you just now,I apologize to you。But the next wave,You have no chance。This is years ago,We knife brothers who are born and die,Even the army that invaded our territory was repelled by the masters of our knife gang.”

Master Dao couldn’t help feeling,Even in Li Huan’s opinion,Master Dao seems to have entered a state of remembering the past。
But when Li Huan looked at Qin Feng, he couldn’t help swallowing。
Because he knew what he saw was only the afterimage of Qin Feng left in place。
“This speed,Too fast!The naked eye can’t keep up!Is this still human?”
Master Dao was woken up after two seconds。
“Hey,Master Dao!”Qin Feng deliberately walked to the side of Master Dao and shouted,Frightened Master Dao almost fell to the ground。
“you!Why are you here?”
Master Dao is puzzled,Logically,Qin Feng should not be able to get close to him,After all, the sniper is preparing in the four corners,Once Qin Feng wants to attack him,The sniper will shoot。
But now.
“All right,Forget it,I have solved all your people,Including four snipers hiding in the dark!”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,At this moment, Master Dao’s hand couldn’t help shaking。
Because Master Dao understands what this sentence means。
In other words,Qin Feng cracked all his preparations,Even if Qin Feng wants to kill him,He will have no means of resistance。
“I will die?”