Time passes bit by bit,The sky is getting darker,The long street under the dim yellow street lamp,Looks a little deserted。

This time period,The students go home from school long ago,And the workers in the morning shift also went home to rest。Empty on the road,Only a few pieces of confetti blown by the evening breeze are still drifting unwillingly。
Lu Menglin led everyone downstairs at Secretary Sun’s house,All four of them are hiding on the side of the flowerbed by the roadside,Silently watching the movement upstairs in the unit。
Although I don’t know why Lu Menglin is so anxious,But the other three did not ask much,Because they believe in Lu Menglin’s mind and judgment,And this tense atmosphere at the moment,Has deeply infected them,No time to think about other things。
The lights in the unit stairwell are on,A group of adults came downstairs noisily。
Lu Menglin and the others immediately raised their spirits,Carefully watched the exit of the unit building。
One,Two,Three,Five,These drunk middle-aged people staggered out of the stairs,Chat and laugh loudly,Scolding。
“Where’s your dad?”Lu Menglin asked。
Wang Shaoxiao looked surprised,Actually shook his head,Tao:“No one!He seems not down yet。”
This little detail,Let Lu Menglin’s heart cast a more shadow,He has an unknown hunch。
“Can’t wait,You go up and knock on the door,Just say you are Wang Shaoxiao,Ask if your dad is。”Lu Menglin quickly said。
“what?Don’t do this?I ran up like this,strange。”Wang Shaoxiao mumbled。
“are you going?I will go if I don’t go!”Lu Menglin widened his eyes,Said fiercely。
Wang Shaoxiao was stared by him,Stare,Nodded,Got up and walked towards the unit building。
Wang Shaoxiao grinds into the apartment building of Secretary Sun’s house,Start up the stairs。
Secretary Sun lives on the sixth floor,Wang Shaoxiao only went up to the third floor,The few people below suddenly found,The lights in the stairwell on the sixth floor are on。
A figure stumbled out of Secretary Sun’s house,Holding the stairs,Step by step downstairs。