“Hasn’t any model’s annual sales reached this level??”

“Don’t say26Ten thousand,I remember the highest record is less than20Ten thousand……”
This result comes out,It’s like pouring a scoop of water into an already boiling oil pan,The reporters exploded in an instant,No more interview discipline,Non-stop discussion!
Although everyone understands,This one26Wan’s annual sales is just a theoretical sales,Can Chrysler Automobiles guarantee this daily sales in the future?、Can their production capacity keep up,These are hard to say,but……
before this,There has never been a model that can achieve such annual sales!
If Chrysler“family”Can really reach26Million annual sales,This model created a new myth in the American auto industry!
The reporters present except professional auto media reporters,And media reporters from other industries,Many of them《New York Times》、《Washington post》Top American newspapers,Not all reporters are familiar with the sales data of the US auto industry、Sales records are as precious,But it does not matter,Under the explanation of reporters from professional automotive media,The reporters present quickly learned the significance of this sales figure……
make a record!
Created a successor to FordTThree-year sales500After the record of ten thousand vehicles,U.S. auto companies’ sales records on a single model!
After creating a World War II,Sales record of a single model in the U.S. auto market!
But this is not the most important meaning,The most important thing is,Because of the oil crisis,Sales of the four major U.S. auto giants are declining,Suffering、When thinking hard about where to solve the problem,Chrysler launched“family”,This is a true American car,For American auto companies that have been distressed about whether to learn Japanese man-made cheap cars,This model is tantamount to finding a breakthrough for the confused American automobile manufacturer who is looking for a breakthrough.。
“I think,In the context of the current era,Chrysler‘family’The meaning of,No less than FordTThe significance of the model car to that era。”From《New York Times》Reporter Kate·Bevin told other reporters。
This rating is so high,But it won the unanimous approval of the reporters,They nodded together。
The spirited Li·Iacocca said loudly:“What i want to say is,Even if‘family’The daily production capacity has exceeded700Ten thousand,We still have a backlog of orders for more than 30,000 vehicles,and so,Next Chrysler will improve its production lines、Adjustment,Transfer production capacity to‘family’,Our goal is to‘family’Increased daily production capacity to900Vehicles!”