This box,Naturally, his suitcase,that,In other words,Hope to save Yang Yinyin!

“Where is the box?”Qin Feng asked,There is a bit of cold blood in the words,As long as the other party doesn’t say anything,It is possible,The taste of beating the opposite person。
“what,you are,Qin Feng?”Lin Youwei asked,Because I only care about the box,Except for this disgusting man,I guess there is no one else?
“Yes Yes Yes,I am Qin Feng,Hurry up,The box you said,Do you have any news?Say it。”Qin Feng’s scorching look,But nothing is rude。
Because this problem is my own,If you still offend others,Then it’s a bit thankless,Not to mention this tigress,If this knot is offended,Isn’t that wearing shoes for myself??
The gain would not be worth the loss, so although Qin Feng is anxious,but,Not offended。
“Box,This one is in the taxi driver’s car,But not anymore,It seems to be at the driver’s house?”
“I’m not so sure either,I just caught people back,what happened?Is this box so important,Not just some accessories?”Lin Youwei is also very curious,This is not the first time Qin Feng has paid attention to the box。
This is the first time,Someone just cares about things,Don’t care about those people。
“Where is the driver’s home?”
“in,What are you doing?You are a common people!Do you want to steal from his house?”
Lin Youwei asked professionally,Although I know from Yang Yinyin,Qin Feng is not like an ordinary person,But you told me to steal something in front of a law enforcement officer,Does this take me too far?
If you really want to go,You still want to discuss with me,Ask me if i go?Although your things at that time,But in someone else’s house,You go get it,That’s stealing!
“Why is it so annoying!”Qin Feng has the urge to beat others,But it was forcibly suppressed the dissatisfaction in my heart。