“something,So I didn’t have time to tell you……”

Fang Yu helpless。
Jiang Wan’er cleaned up all night last night。
If Fang Yu goes to eat supper,,Can’t help but take her。
“That’s it……Why don’t I invite you to dinner at noon?,I specially asked for a break at noon!”Ruan Wu earnestly said。
Fang Yu nodded。
Anyway, there is no Jiang Wan’er,Then it’s okay!
Don’t come,There is no explanation everywhere。
Jiang Yiyun is okay。
But the hospital,Everyone will know。
“This operation,You help me refer……What needs to be prepared?”
Ruan Wu handed the patient’s information to Fang Yu,Asked。
Fang Yu took a look,According to the data,Just an ordinary operation。
No big problem!
“You can follow your usual standard……take it easy,I’ll be your deputy today!”Fang Yu Shen said。
“Doctor Fang……you,Really willing?”
Nguyen Wu surprised。
Fang Yu is already a famous doctor in the hospital。