do not know why,Zhu Minglang thinks that Qin Yang has a lot of explanation。

First of all,Nan Lingsha asked this person,I definitely don’t think this woman has anything to do with herself,It’s that she is obviously interested in this kind of extraordinary mortal,Besides, the other party is also a woman!
Secondly,Zhu Minglang can’t remember who this woman is。
Back in the Sword Sect of Miaoshan,He only remembered a big sister who was really beautiful,Teach yourself a lesson,That woman’s sword state is probably comparable to Zhu Xuehen。
In appearance……The girl just now resembles the fierce sword aunt。
“Can you deal with her,Mianshan Jianzong is also our enemy in this competition。”Zhu Minglang asked。
Nan Lingsha did not answer,But the glitter in the beautiful eyes has already told Zhu Minglang the answer。
It seems that there is only this kind of king-level gods,To make her really interested。
Aside,Fu Xu touched his nose,As the chief disciple of Canglong Temple,He feels like he has become an insignificant role in front of these people……
But since everyone doesn’t mean to fight now,Then he doesn’t need to be impatient。
He walked down the hillside,Passed by the crowd of mortals who were beaten up and down by the female disciples of the Mianshan Sword Sect。
The two female disciples of Mianshan Jianzong seem to want to clean up with Fu Xumei,Fu Xumei didn’t fight with them,He easily got rid of these two female disciples who hit everybody,Walk towards the depths of the tomb of the Ninth Army。
Zhu Minglang、Nan Lingsha、Qin Yang also goes forward。
Interestingly,Those two female disciples recognized Zhu Minglang,They hold the sword in their hands,Like an enemy!
I wish Minglang passed by them,Didn’t mean to touch them,They just breathed out a long sigh。
A moment later,The short hair woman suddenly remembered something,Tao:“Since he has no sword repair,What we are afraid of?”
“Yes,Then you catch up?”