A Heavenly Dragon has opened his mouth,There will definitely be countless Tianlong people coming from behind。

joke,How can you let Charross act alone??
Their dozens and hundreds of idle dragons can bear to see Charl Rose pretending to be forced?
“And every time I put a monster slightly taller than before!”
Leo has already thought about hunger marketing,Ordinary monsters, Tianlongren, sell them when they come。
But these are definitely not as good as those before,At this time Leo was embarrassed to say that he had a better one,But the price is expensive……
Needless to say,Leo can think of the face of the Tianlongren。
expensive?You tell me how expensive is it?
Who do you look down on!
buy,Definitely want to buy,As long as it can make my monster more powerful than other Dracos,Buy it at any price。
So little,A little bit,Leo feels that one day he can use the essence of life to raise fish,And be a sea king。
“You can also donate Bailey to the Navy,So people in the navy have nothing to say!”
Perfect plan。