“May be a bit of newborn jaundice,It will be fine after a while,Xia Shuyue is so pretty,Her child will not be ugly,Just wait for a long time to open。”

“That’s also,It’s just that I think babies should be as good-looking as on TV,White and fat,And laugh at the corners of the mouth。”
“Think too much,The baby I photographed should be at least one month old,Are already open。”
“Ha ha,may be。”
At this moment,Auntie brought a bowl of chicken soup,In front of Zhang Siwei。
Wu Lusheng smiled,“The soup stewed for two hours,Also added medicinal materials,You have a bowl,You are too busy recently,Pay attention to the body,Also go home early,Rest more。”
Zhang Siwei took a sip,Nod and smile to auntie,“thank you。”
Auntie waved her hand and walked away,Wu Lusheng whispered,“You are all divorced,Try not to eat with Zhao Gang in the future,Everyone is an adult,It will inevitably have a bad effect,I met his wife the other day,Must have come to me on purpose,Cry to me,Said Zhao Gang was going to cheat,You are the one who is talking about。”
Zhang Siwei disagrees,“Her nerves are nervous,She and Zhao Gang are college classmates,Zhao Gang has always liked her,My relationship with Zhao Gang,She doesn’t know。”
“Woman,You and Zhao Gang are too close,It’s normal for her to be jealous,You just need to spend less time with him in the future,Don’t make trouble。”Wu Lusheng said。
Zhang Siwei took a sip of soup,“difficult!I will definitely be close to Zhao Gang in the short term,Something big happened to his dad’s company,Can’t jump out after being dug。”
Wu Lusheng sees Zhang Siwei,“You think too much,Not to,What family background is your Uncle Zhao?,You still don’t know?What can happen?What a pit,Can’t bury his house,Zhao Gang’s father has been in business for many years,What scene,I’m afraid that someone will dig a hole for him?”
Zhang Siwei sternly said,“Really,mom,This time it was very serious,Zhao Gang’s house may not get up,It can be said to be a real bankruptcy。”
“Really,It was a mysterious big man who gave him the fake formalities,They had cooperated for many years before,So no doubt,And then signed a supply contract with the next family,Now Uncle Zhao will not only lose money,May also be convicted。”Zhang Siwei said everything he knew。