I even ignored my eyes!

This kind of boring person,Fang Yu didn’t want to bother!
First115chapter Fish in troubled waters?
During supper。
Fang Yu eats silently,And didn’t talk to Shu Ling again。
After all, Shu Tong was here just now,A bit unpleasant!
Nguyen Wu,Come to interact with Fang Yu from time to time,Also asked some professional knowledge。
“Doctor Ruan……What’s the problem,I can go back to the hospital tomorrow,I can answer one by one!”
Fang Yu seriously。
“Can’t tomorrow……I have to work on other things too!Doctor Fang,It’s hard to wait until one day you are free……”Ruan Wu looks sincere。
Fang Yu didn’t say more。
After supper。
Fang Yu bid farewell to everyone,Seeing Shu Ling lying on the table alone,Frown slightly。
Just now,Fang Yu didn’t blame Shu Ling much。