Inhale,Five strands of flame were inhaled by Li Ming,Then pierced through the body。

Five flames,Some are full of life,Some are as gorgeous as the stars,Some are pure heat,Some have a chill that has not changed for billions of years。
Five Eternal Sacred Fire,Under Li Ming’s control, it wanders in the body。
Five flame powers of disagreement,Subtly combined,Burning Li Ming’s flesh and blood,At the same time, these flesh and blood quickly recovered。
This incineration,One fix,But it made Li Ming’s body resist‘fire’Stronger,Can carry the backlash of supernatural powers。
Li Ming took out a gourd,Unplug,Grumblingly pour a huge amount of Chaos Spirit Liquid into the belly。
More than 90% of Chaos Spirit Liquid is used to assist the restoration of the divine body。
And the remaining 10%,But it’s all the chest positions that poured into the body,And mana,Divine power,It is the power to tear out five eternal sacred fire,To form a subtle rune。
This rune,Hidden View,Like a lotus in full bloom。
The lotus mark has five colors,Divided into five petals,At first glance, it looks a bit similar to the blue and white mark in the sea of Li Ming.。
“Five Cloud Lotus Seal,Condensation!”
The lotus mark of the five aggregates,Just now is the essence of this magical power,Form a lotus mark,It’s like opening up a golden pill,Divine power is stored here,After a series of complex transformations,Power surge。
“One to two!”With Li Ming’s heart moving,This lotus mark turns slightly,Split from five lotus,Ten lotus flowers!
“Two to three。“Ten becomes twenty!