And Leo’s original brothers,Seeing Leo recover West Cohen,Full of energy。

This shows that Leo is very powerful,Followed a powerful boss,That’s a lot of benefits。
A few times,Si Keen was simply bandaged,Then Le Aoqiang took him to the handover。
Next thing,Leo is handed over to Telangot,Trang is still very reliable,Well-measured。
No problem!
“Konishi,Hurry up and tell me where all your treasures are hidden?”Just walked in,Leo took Si Keen and asked。
Si Keen smiled awkwardly:“Boss,I lied to you just now,Actually all the belongings are in the warehouse,I did not hide!”
“Really?”Leo looked at Seacoen suspiciously。
Leo sneered,Then suddenly he grabbed a cadre of Si Keen’s former staff。
“tell me,Is there a private vault before Si Keen??”
The cadre looked at Si Keen,Look at Leo again,Don’t know what to do。
Leo immediately added:“Think clearly,Who is the boss now,Who are you fucking with!”
“Have!”The cadre spoke without hesitation。
Leo finished,Sneer and look at West Cohen。
Si Keen was in a hurry:“You bastard,Do not talk nonsense,How can you be innocent out of thin air?A person like me,How could there be a small vault?”
Leo doesn’t even say much,Bring in a cadre again,There is no doubt that this cadre also pointed out that Si Keen has a small treasury。
Point to these cadres who tell the truth:Leo asked: