“Well,I leave the sword spirit dragon here to protect you。”Zhu Minglang said。

Li Xinghua shook his head,Tao,“I will be fine。”
“Hurry up,What are you still grinding?,People are fortune-tellers,You wish Minglang died a thousand times in the cycle of fate,She won’t lose a hair。”Mr. Koi’s impatient way。
Say so,Zhu Minglang still left the two guardians of Black Tooth and Qingzhuo,Ensure the safety of Li Xing painting,I carry the sword spirit dragon and the ice white dragon,Killed under that piece of suspended cliff!
In fact,It’s relatively correct to shoot now。
Many mourning dragons are still climbing those vines,They don’t have any evil spirits,This means that the strength of this large group of lost dragons at this time is only at the general level!
Stop them,Kill before gaining the power of the fruit of enlightenment,It’s definitely easier to deal with afterwards.。
Besides, even Mr. Koi thinks good things……
Not take all away,Not in line with the usual style of walking!
First281chapter Cat and mouse game
Bingchen and White Dragon in front,Carrying a cloud of white ice mist,Spread over this piece of suspended cliff。
It’s weird,If ordinary vegetation encounters such extreme ice breath,Will immediately freeze into vine frost,These vines seem to be unaffected,It’s just that there is a little hoarfrost on the turquoise rattan bark。