First351chapter I am also narrow-minded

“Fairy god,Spare my life,Spare my life,I can give you whatever you need,As long as you save my life……”Pu Shiming’s legs were frightened,Knelt directly on the ground,As if offending the gods in the temple。
Folk rumors,Fairy ghosts are the only place,It’s good weather,Is the incarnation of a fairy god who is protected from natural disasters,Zi Zonglin must have done something angry,Will be trampled by the gods。
As a member of Zi Zonglin,Pu Shiming naturally heard such a statement。
At first he naturally sneered,I think some 10,000-year-old spirits are playing tricks,But now bend to the opponent’s strength,Pu Shiming is no different from those so-called fools,Keep bowing,Want a bit of life。
“Originally Pu Da Gongzi,Jing, the proud son of heaven in the entire Great Court Continent, will also believe those ridiculous ghosts and gods.。”At this moment,In the darkness came a sound that sounded familiar。
Pu Shiming was taken aback,Raised his head slowly,His hair is a bit messy,The forehead and face are also full of mud。
To show piety,He knocked very hard。
just,When Pu Shiming saw someone walking out in the dark,This person is actually the life he just ordered to be abolished,The face is full of horror and amazement!!
“wish……Zhu Minglang!!”Pu Shiming couldn’t help but exhale。
“Are you lucky,I am not a fairy?”Zhu Minglang asked with a smile。
“Why are you acting like a ghost!”Pu Shiming was furious,That face rose like pig liver。
Just spit out this sentence,Pu Shiming suddenly saw Zhu Minglang behind,A dragon of the night like a magic snake slowly emerges,Its slender body,Not the enchanting of most evil snakes,Instead, it reveals a terrible sense of strength and strength。
That extraordinary feather scale,Glowing with an extremely rare look,Sometimes colorful,Sometimes dark and deep,It’s like black magic jade,Skin is crystal clear and smooth,Only tail、Some dragon whiskers on the neck,But still has a breath of king!
Its wings are folded,Its fangs are slightly exposed,There is still blood from two purple dragons on it。
Pu Shiming couldn’t help but glance at his two purple dragons,This was a shocking discovery,The sacred lion purple dragon and silver tail purple dragon have been sucked up all their blood,The corpse shrivelled like long dead skin and flesh!
Roll your tongue to your lips,Tianshalong wipes away the remaining dragon blood。
Although it usually steams blood into gas,Then use the wings to absorb the blood and energy,But if you encounter a super tonic like Zilong,Tianshalong still doesn’t mind the hole in person……
Drink some blood of spoiled creatures like stone fairy ghosts,It’s called filling up,