Resources more effectively dock the "long triangle entrepreneurship map" map continuous expansion

  During the week of the National Volkswagen Entrepreneur, the Shanghai Branch has held multi-operative large SMEs to docile and investing financing docking activities.

The Long Triangle Double Creative Demonstration Base is expressed, and the regional innovation entrepreneurial resources docking is under mechanism through the "long triangle entrepreneurial map".

As of the end of August 202, "Changda Entrepreneurship Map" has covered 27 cities in the long triangle, and the financing demand for 19 entrepreneurial projects has been successfully paired; 81 large enterprises, 185 entrepreneurs companies. "The steel production process is long, the problem has more affected factors, and the conventional method is difficult to see."

‘Iron + Artificial Intelligence’ is a general trend.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, our specific needs include intelligent data, self-learning control, predictive maintenance, product characteristics forecast, quality defect diagnosis … Shang, Wang Jun Ting, Vice President of Wusongkou Pioneering Park, President Wang Jun Ting, issued a series of needs. Wang Jun Ting said that as a large company, Baowu Group’s massive data provides basic conditions for all kinds of artificial intelligence innovation applications, such as More than 100,000 product defects, and over 70,000 single-point high-frequency sensing data generated daily.

In addition, Wang Junte also introduces Bawu Group’s demand in green and low-carbon, such as high salt, high-amamine acid wastewater treatment process.

  In addition to Baowu Group, the event site also has the relevant person in charge of China and Shanghai Electric’s two major enterprises introduced their industrial layout and released new needs. The event has obtained a positive signing of SMEs. After a pair of sites on the spot, the final 11 small and medium-sized enterprises have reached a preliminary cooperation intention. "SME business model is more flexible, can bring innovation to new industries in large enterprises; in addition, for us, SME technical strength is also an external fresh blood.

Shanghai Electric is currently integrating its own equipment capabilities, experimental capabilities and engineers, and further providing open service support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the long run. "Shanghai Electric Group Central Research Institute, Hatching / Life, Director, Li Pu Xu, said.

  The Long Triangle Double Creatant Demonstration Base is said that similar corporate docking activities are in the long run of the long triangle.

"We will post related activities on the ‘long triangle entrepreneurial map’, collaborate alliance resources, build a cooperation bridge for SMEs. In addition to posting activities from time to time, ‘long triangle entrepreneurial map’ daily will release large business orders, excellent Innovation project information, as well as various research institutes in the Yangtze River Triangle and entrepreneurial parks, the latest policy support.

"According to statistics, since the release of the 2019 Cover 662 service institutions, 13022 platform projects; 690 cards; Piece.

  With the advancement of the long triangulation, the Yangtze River Triangle has a surge in technology innovation resources, and the traditional research and development in Shanghai, producing manufactures in other regions of the Yangtze River Triangle, is continuously evolving to develop, medium trials and production, It is only different models in the development of R & D links and side focus on the sub-industrial chain.

This greatly promoted the circulation of cross-regional innovation elements, which is conducive to the depth of technology innovation in the long run.

"Wang Zhen, deputy dean of the Shanghai Social Sciences, said.

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